What ammo does a Colt Police Positive 38 take?

What ammo does a Colt Police Positive 38 take?

The Colt Police Positive is a small-frame, double-action revolver featuring a six-round cylinder, chambered for either . 32 or . 38 caliber.

Is 38 special and 38 the same round?

What’s the difference? 38 S&W is shorter and fatter than 38 S&W Special (just about everyone just calls it 38 Special). They are NOT interchangeable. A 38 S&W will not fit in the hole of a 38 Special, and a 38 Special is too long for the cylinder of a 38 S&W.

What ammo can you shoot in a 38 special?

What Type of Ammunition Can I Fire In My Revolver?

If Your Revolver Is Marked … It Will Safely Fire These Cartridges …
.327 Federal Magnum .327 Federal Magnum, .32 H&R Magnum, .32 S&W Long
.38 Special .38 Special
.38 Special +P .38 Special +P, .38 Special
.357 Magnum .357 Magnum, .38 Special +P, .38 Special

What is the most powerful 38 Special ammo?

  • Deepest Penetration: Black Hills +P, 125 gr JHP: 22.12 inches deep.
  • Largest Overall Diameter: Federal Personal Defense Micro 130 gr HST JHP: .72 inches.
  • Fastest: SinterFire Special Duty 110 gr Frangible HP: 1,060 feet per second.

Why can’ti find 38 Special?

Why is 38 Special so hard to find? The first problem is a demand problem. According to NSSF’s final tally, approximately 8.4 million first time gun owners entered the market in 2020. When they came in, they brought an unprecedented demand for guns and ammo, as well as some interesting purchasing habits.

Why is .38 Special so hard to find?

38 Special takes small pistol primers, the exact same kind that, you guessed it, 9mm takes. 38 Special is hard to find because of supply and demand. It’s just we’ve need seen this kind of demand before.

How many rounds in a Colt Police Positive?

The .38 S&W and .38 Colt New Police rounds were quite stubby (about 1⅛ inches overall length), so they were a perfect fit in the short cylinders of the compact, small-framed Colt Police Positive and S&W’s Regulation Police revolver, though because of the S&W’s tiny cylinder, it could only hold five rounds to Colt’s six.

Can A.38 Long Colt be fired in a S & W?

The .38 Long Colt can be fired in a .38 Special, as can the newer loadings of the .38 Short Colt with a standard lubricated pistol bullet. Next up is the .38 S&W, which has often been confused with the .38 Special.

When did the colt.38 Police Positive come out?

As the first decade of the new century progressed, the law enforcement caliber trend shifted to more powerful.38 cartridges, which included the.38 S&W,.38 Colt Police Positive/New Police (Colt’s shameless copy of the S&W cartridge), and S&W’s new.38 S&W Special, introduced in 1899 for their medium-framed Military & Police Hand Ejector.

What was the velocity of A.38 Long Colt?

The .38 Long Colt originally had a hollow based bullet that would expand to grab the rifling. The 148 grain bullet had a velocity of about 800 fps. The only good thing that ever came from the .38 Long Colt was that it was the springboard for the .38 Special.