What are the different models of Savage Model 24?

What are the different models of Savage Model 24?

Known models 24 Series N, 24 Series P, 24 Series S. Series N and P have top of tang barrel release lever while Series S the front of the trigger gaurd sliding block barrel release. Savage 389: Made by an Italian Company for Savage, like the 2400 it was shotgun over rifle in configuration.

Who is a fan of the Savage 24 series of combo guns?

Savage 24S-C sidelever in .22LR over 20ga full choke, 24″ fully soldered bbls. Best shooter of the three. Slugs about 1″ low at 25yd (though they group the poorest of the three with that full choke; but good enough for a minute of deer lungs), shot pattern perfectly centered over .22 POI.

What kind of gun is Savage campers 3B?

3B.The gun is a Savage 24C Campers Companion model. If it has a lever mounted on top of the tang to open the breech, it is marked on the right side of the frame as either a Model 24C Series M, 24C Series N, 24C Series P, or 24C Series R.

Is the Savage 24F predator a 20 gauge?

Savage 24F Predator: Same as the 24F 12-T except the camoflage stock, it was also available in a 20 gauge version. I do not know of a 20 gauge model with factory chokes, but there is reported to be a few.

What kind of chamber does a savage 389 have?

Savage 389: Made by an Italian Company for Savage, like the 2400 it was shotgun over rifle in configuration. It came with 2 triggers (one for each barrel so no selector) and was chambered in.222Rem/12ga and.308Win/12ga. This 12 gauge chamber was built to 3″.

What was the first 12 gauge shotgun made by Savage?

Savage 2400: Made by Valmet for Savage, it featured the first Shotgun over rifle configuration in the Savage line up and the first 12 gauge. Similar in looks to the Valmet 412 externally, the similarities end there.

How much is a Savage Model 24 410 / 22 combo worth?

22/410 average $400 in NW Ohio. I have to say the worth is in the condition and one that states it is in Good condition “For its age” leaves much to the imagination. Value is in the shooting and not as a collectable.

When did the 222 cal.savage 24V come out?

The 222 cal. Was introduced in 1967 nice cal. The action was changed to under lever opening in front of trigger guard in 1980. The 24v was mfg. 1967 to 1989.

How to date a savage 5.6 series rifle?

Dating Savage/Stevens rifles – specific to the Model 4,5,6 and 85,86,87 series and variants. (But may also be applicable to other models) The easiest is by the alpha code contained in the inspectors mark.

How much does a Savage Arms rifle cost?

Know what your Savage Arms firearms are worth with this up-to-date 28 -page .PDF download from the Standard Catalog of Firearms. Learn pricing and values for these Savage Arms firearms:

Can a savage 4C parts be shipped outside the USA?

There may be delays in shipping as USPS and other carriers experience heavy package volume. Shipment prohibited outside USA. Shipment prohibited outside USA. Shipment prohibited outside USA. CT buyers must be FFL holders.

Where can I find the serial number for my savage rifle?

The best way to look up serial number information for a Savage rifle is to visit the gun manufacturer’s web site and select the Part Finder tab. Not all Savage rifles have a serial number; many firearms made prior to 1968 were not given serial numbers.

What’s the serial number on a Stevens Savage?

The highest number I have seen was on 20 gauge Stevens Model 311 Series H serial number E957971. The Savage branded imported doubles, over and unders or side by sides, are numbered differently. Each model is numbered in the range created by its manufacturer.

When did the Savage Model 242 come out?

The Savage Model 242 is virtually identical to the Model 24, except that both barrels are chambered for .410 bore 3″ Magnum with FULL chokes. These guns were manufactured between 1977 and 1981. Like all later Model 24s, it uses a single trigger and single exposed hammer with a barrel selector lever incorporated into the hammer.