What are the markings on chokes?

What are the markings on chokes?

Factory Choke Identification Codes

Choke Type Identification (Notches)
Full Choke: I notch
Improved Modified: II notches
Modified: III notches
Improved Cylinder: IIII notches

What does 3 marks on a choke mean?

A lower notch count means more constriction (tighter). A higher notch count means less constriction. 1 notch = Full. 2 notches = Improved modified. 3 notches = Modified.

What does 5 marks on a choke mean?

The cylinder will have five notches on the end of the choke that will indicate it’s a cylinder. The improved cylinder will have four notches, the modified has three notches, the improved modified has two notches and the full has one notch. The full choke will give you the farthest range.

What choke has 0 notches?


Choke (American designation) Constriction Identification (Notches)
Cylinder (No choke) 0.00 mm (0 in) IIIII (5 notches)
Skeet 1 0.13 mm (0.005 in)
Improved Cylinder 0.25 mm (0.01 in) IIII (4 notches)
Skeet 2 (light Mod.) 0.38 mm (0.015 in)

What is a tactical choke?

Carlson’s new Tactical Breacher Choke Tube allows you to turn your hunting gun into a home defense gun. The open choke allows for shooting with lead, buckshot, Hevi-Shot or steel shotshells. You can count on this choke tube for your security needs.

What does CL mean on Benelli choke?

Never shoot your shotgun without a choke tube installed! CL=cylinder. IC=improved cylinder. M=modified. IM=improved modified.

Where are the choke markings on a Browning?

The Browning has markings on the side of each barrel. The top barrel is marked ** and the bottom barrel is marked **-. Do you know where I can find out what choke those stand for? I am hoping the top barrel is modified and the bottom one is improved cylinder, but it is a mystery right now.

What kind of choke does a Browning B25 have?

In “Browning speak” modified choke is ** and improved cylinder is **- . This would be very typical choking for one of their 26-1/2″ barreled O/Us. Usually the 28″ barreled B25 Superposed guns came in Mod/Full.

What kind of barrel does a Browning shotgun use?

In all cases, the 16, 28 and .410 barrels in multi-gauge sets will be STANDARD INVECTOR — this means for all current Browning shotguns. Generally, 12 and 20 gauge barrels in Citori 725 sets will be Invector-DS. Generally, current 12 and 20 gauge barrels in Citori (non-725) sets will be Invector Plus.

When did the Browning Superposed shotgun come out?

The gun I love the most is a Browning Superposed made in 1958. It has a very small wrist and a sweeping pistol grip. It too measures 14 inches but it seems to fit me most naturally.