What gun did Marshal Dillon carry?

What gun did Marshal Dillon carry?

Colt.45 single action Army revolver
The U.S. Army’s sidearm of choice from 1873 to 1892, the Colt. 45 single action Army revolver, found new fans when Marshal Matt Dillon, played by James Arness, wielded one on the CBS Gunsmoke series that ran for 20 seasons from 1955 to 1975.

How much did James Arness make per episode on Gunsmoke?

How much did James Arness earn per episode of Gunsmoke? Arness initially made $ 1,200 per episode, but after the series won Emmys and climbed the charts, he again traded $ 20,000 per episode and said flatout, no pressure! (TV Guide called him a hermit on horseback.

Did Marshall Dillon ever kiss Kitty?

A: Matt Dillon (James Arness) and Kitty (Amanda Blake) never married during the series 1955-75 run, although close watchers of the show were convinced they had connected at some time. (Arness would later say that Matt’s only onscreen kiss was in that episode, “Matt’s Love Story,” but Kitty did in fact kiss him once.)

What was the serial number of the Colt Single Action Army?

This is a Pre-War (aka First Generation) Colt Single Action Army Revolver with the desirable 4 3/4 inch barrel in .38WCF (.38-40) caliber. Serial number is 320556, manufact …Click for more info

Which is the rarest Colt single action revolver?

Here is a rare factory engraved, 5 1/2 inch, Colt 1862 police revolver. Mfg.mid war in 1863. There are good traces of blue in protected areas and about 40% silver pn BS & TG. It has the …Click for more info This is a Colt Single Action Revolver in 45 caliber that was delivered to the U.S Cavalry in 1877.

What kind of Revolver is a Colt SAA?

This Colt SAA 1st Generation 45 caliber revolver is all original and in very high condition. The Colt Archive and John Kopec letters accompany this rare civilian Peacemaker. All matching including the …Click for more info

What’s the serial number on a colt 1873?

COLT MODEL 1873 U.S. CAVALRY REVOLVER W/ARCHIVE LETTER- AND-KOPEC LETTER! This is a very nice Colt S.A.A. U.S. Cavalry revolver. Serial number #54805 , and all matching, numbered parts. 5 1/8 “, privately shortened and front sight repositioned Barre …Click for more info