What is a 30/30 bolt action rifle worth?

What is a 30/30 bolt action rifle worth?

What is a MARLIN 30 30 rifle Worth? A MARLIN 30 30 rifle is currently worth an average price of $997.87 new and $756.95 used .

Who made CIL rifles?

Ever heard of a C-I-L model 950c rifle??? The manufacturer was canadian industries limited in montreal canada.

What is a savage 340?

Savage 340 rifles were sturdy little firearms that would be manufactured by Savage Arms,starting around 1950. This is one of those Savage firearms that I would have the pleasure of selling, repairing and installing scopes on.

Who bought CIL Paints?

Until 2010, C-I-L operated as part of Imperial Chemical Industries. In 2010 ICI was bought by AkzoNobel, a Dutch chemical company.

Who makes imperial ammunition?

They were first manufactured by CIL, then bought out by IVI who in turn stopped making sporting ammo in the 90’s to focus on military ammunition. As soon as I saw Imperial ammunition in the ammo case at CT, I bought 4 boxes of #7 1/2 and 4 boxes of #4.

When was the CIL 725 Savage shotgun made?

Exact production dates of these shotguns are unknown, however matching Savage dates the 725 would have been made from 1966-1972 and the 710 pre-1968 due to not having a serial number. CIL is still in operation today producing paints and fertilizers found in hardware stores across Canada.

What kind of magazines did the Savage 325 use?

Some of their earlier pre-war models like the Savage model 23, 40, 45, and the 1920 all of which also used detachable magazines, however the magazines used for this new 325 model was a totally different design utilizing a new stamped out sheet steel design, somewhat following their existing bolt action shotgun design.

How to watch Savage 340C 30-30 bolt action?

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When was the Model 322 Savage rifle made?

The companion model 322 series were made in 22 Hornet only, and again introduced in 1947, running parallel with the model 325. The 22 Hornet’s magazines were a carry over from being used on their model 23D rifle which was manufactured from 1933 up until 1947 when the model 322 came into being.