What is an example of a double barreled question?

What is an example of a double barreled question?

An example of a double-barrelled question is: Please agree or disagree with the following statement: Cars should be faster and safer (EXPLANATION: WHAT IF I AGREE CARS SHOULD BE SAFER BUT NOT FASTER?) or Should the government spend less money on the military and more on education?” (EXPLANATION: WHAT IF I THINK THEY …

What does double barreled mean slang?

1 of a firearm : having two barrels mounted side by side or one beneath the other. 2 : twofold especially : having a double purpose asked a double-barreled question.

Why should we avoid double-barreled questions?

Basically, whenever you force people to answer two questions (disguised as one) with a single answer, you’re asking a double barreled question. This type of question leads to inaccuracies in survey results because the taker can only answer one of the two questions and has no way of indicating which one he has answered.

Why do people ask double questions?

In court, however, double-barreled questions are used by lawyers to trick witnesses or suspects into admitting something unintendedly. Compound questions are most frequently asked during cross-examination.

What is a double ask?

A double-barreled question (sometimes, double-direct question) is an informal fallacy. It is committed when someone asks a question that touches upon more than one issue, yet allows only for one answer. A question asking about three items is known as “trible (triple, treble)-barreled”.

Is it double barrel or double barreled?

In the Western tradition of surnames, there are several types of double surname (or double-barrelled surname). If the two names are joined with a hyphen, it may also be called a hyphenated surname. The word “barrel” probably refers to the barrel of a shotgun, as in “double-barreled shotgun”.

What was the first double barrel semiautomatic pistol?

The AF2011A1 has its roots in the Grieco pistol that also came with double barrels for the same purpose. The AF2011-A1 Double Barrel Pistol comes actually as the very first industrial double barrel semiautomatic pistol of all time.

What kind of barrel does a dueller pistol have?

Standard Model: A double barreled pistol based on the M1911. Dueller: Has a 6.5 inch SUS416 stainless steel barrel, serrated slide, magnum beavertailed grip and custom trigger set.

Is there a double barrel 12 gauge shotgun?

Double Barreled 12 Gauge Shotgun Pistol Review – THE DIABLO!!! American Gun Craft makes a double barrel 12 Gauge shotgun called the Diablo that is a ton of fun to shoot. What is better than a 12 Gauge… When I first realized that I was going to get one of these little shotguns, I don’t know whether I was more intrigued or excited.

How big is the barrel on a Diablo?

Diablo Break Open, 6 inch barrel, Blued Finish, 12 Gauge Pistol, Black Grips. $ 479.00. Barrel Length: 6″ Length Blued Double Barrel Side-by-side, smooth-bore. Barrel Type: Break Open Blued Double Barrel Side-by-side, smooth-bore. Overall Length: 10”.