What is the range of a Civil War musket?

What is the range of a Civil War musket?

400 yards
The Civil War rifle-musket was a very good weapon, capable of hitting targets at ranges over 400 yards.

What was the most accurate rifle of the Civil War?

Whitworth rifle
The Whitworth rifle was considered to be the very best rifle of its time in terms of accuracy, when compared to other British, French, American rifles, or those produced elsewhere….

Whitworth rifle
Designed 1854–1857
Manufacturer Whitworth Rifle Company
Produced 1857–1865
No. built 13,400

What kind of musket was used in the Civil War?

The Model 1861 was the standard musket in use during the Civil War. It is.58 caliber with a 40″ barrel and 3 barrel bands. About 256, 130 of these muskets were produced at Springfield Armory while almost another 750,000 were made under contract. Values are: Good-$3500, fair-$1500, poor-$800.

What was the typical range of a musket shot?

As I continued exploring, the answer to the second question became clear and is essential to an understanding of the term in question. One would expect the typical range of musket shot to be somewhere between the two extremes of 160 and 360 yards and, as it turns out, there are several sources that support the idea.

How many muskets were made in the Springfield Armory?

The number of Model 1861 muskets produced by the Springfield Armory was 265,129 between January 1, 1861 and December 31, 1863. According to United States Muskets, Rifles and Carbines by Arcadi Gluckman Colonel Infantry, United States Army, published 1949.

How much is a civil war rifle worth?

Hello, we have a Civil War Rifle we would like to have an estimate of value on (we would like to sell it), however, we have taken it to multiple places and no one can value it because they are not familiar with it and cannot find the manufacturer in their reference books.