What kind of air rifle is the Crosman 766?

What kind of air rifle is the Crosman 766?

Crosman 766 American Classic Air Rifle SKU 11131 Made by Crosman from 1977-1983 .177 caliber Single shot pellet- BB repeater Multi-stroke pneumatic modeled after the famous Remington autoloader This is the third variant with the straight steel barrel Recently re-sealed… Condition: New In Stock, Ready to ship!

What’s the model number of a Crosman pneumatic repeater?

766 Owner’s Manual & EVP (1977-1981) Model Number 766 Name / Description Pneumatic, BB repeater, .177 cal., singl Dates of Manufacture 1977-1981 Parts Availability Parts not available through Crosman. Owner’s Manual C766-OM2.pdf

What kind of pellets are in a Crosman air rifle?

Predator Polymag Premium Hunting Pellets | .22 cal, 16gr, Pointed, 200ct Brand Crosman Caliber .177, BB Body Type Rifle Suggested Use Collecting, Plinking Powerplant Multi Pump Pneumatic

What kind of BB repeater does The Crosman 766 have?

Pneumatic, BB repeater, .177 cal., single shot. Second variant with tapered steel barrel housing. Parts not available through Crosman. Have more questions? Submit a request

Why does my Crossman 760 not load BBS?

I have a Crossman 760 that won’t load BBs. There’s a switch that keeps them from loading when you want to only shoot pellets, but no matter which position the switch is in, I can’t get it to pull a BB from the BB holder. Anybody know of a fix for this?

When did The Crosman 766 become the 2100?

The third version was renamed and became the 2100 in 1983. My rifle is the second variant of the 766. Parts are no longer available from Crosman as they quit making this version of the 766 in 1981. I am ordering parts from the parts list for a late model 2100.

Where can I find a Crosman CS manual?

Manuals can be found here: http://www.crosman.com/cs/manuals/cro… If you have a 766, you might need to order parts for the 2100. Make sure the part numbers for both models are the same. Loading…

What kind of pellets are in Crosman repeatair 1077?

The lightweight, sleek, black synthetic design will stand up to decades of use and features a checkered pistol grip and forearm. Low on noise, this air rifle delivers .177 caliber alloy pellets up to 780 fps ideal for target, plinking, and pest control.