What kind of scope do I need for a Daisy air rifle?

What kind of scope do I need for a Daisy air rifle?

Adjustable for windage and elevation, the Daisy Powerline airgun scope fits a standard 3/8-inch dovetail mount and features a crosshair reticle, fog and shockproof and color corrected. Not recommended for use with break barrel action rifles. Fits all Daisy Powerline air rifles.

What kind of scope does a daisy 2840 Camo use?

Smooth Bore Steel. Limited 1 Year. The Daisy 2840 Camo is a tough camoflauged single pump pneumatic air rifle that shoots either BBs or .177 caliber pellets. The Daisy 840 Camo comes with a 4X15 scope and raised rings, so you can still use the blade and ramp front and adjustable rear sights even while the scope is mounted.

How many BBS does a daisy 840 Camo hold?

When shooting BBs, the gun will hold 350 BBs in the reservoir; .177 caliber pellets are single shot only. The 840 Camo produces 350 feet per second velocities with both. It features a crossbolt trigger block safety and molded stock and forearm with checkering and woodgrain. Sale! Sale! Sale!


Is the Crosman m4-177 a pump action rifle?

Before we get into the features of the M4-177, let’s run the numbers. This is a .177 caliber air rifle and is capable of firing .177 caliber pellets and standard BBs. This is a pump-action air rifle, which means there is no CO2 cartridge or battery to die on you. So, as long as you have the energy to keep pumping the rifle, you can keep firing.

Do you really need a scope for your air rifle?

Do you really need a scope for your air rifles? Sure pellet guns are not as powerful as their bullet-spitting counterparts, but modern ones do pack quite a punch. And the addition of scope will greatly improve the accuracy of your air rifle.

What kind of ammunition does a Crosman Pumpmaster use?

I guess you get what you pay for but I thought it would last until I could upgrade when they get older. The ammunition and accessories below are recommended for the Crosman® 760 Pumpmaster® .177 Pellet / BB Pneumatic Pump Air Rifle with Scope.