What were the vehicles used in the Vietnam War?

What were the vehicles used in the Vietnam War?

Military History | Vietnam Conflict

  • 1939. BM-8 / BM-13 / BM-31 (Katyusha) Multiple Launch Rocket System.
  • 1950. BTR-40 (Bronetransporter)
  • 1960. BTR-60.
  • 1963. Cadillac Gage Commando (M706 / G-392)
  • 1945. Centurion (A41)
  • 1942. Daimler Armored Car.
  • 1941. Ford GP / GPW (Government Pygmy)
  • 1943. GAZ-67.

What equipment was used in the Vietnam War?

In addition to rifles and machine guns, U.S. infantry troops were armed with hand grenades (such as the Mark-2), which could be thrown or propelled using rifle-mounted launchers.

Why were helicopters such useful vehicles during the Vietnam War?

After Vietnam, the Army had more pilots and aircraft than the Air Force. Issues of command and control of helicopters remained paramount throughout the war. Fixed wing aircraft would escort all heliborne assaults. Concentrated air attacks would be conducted prior to the assaults to suppress enemy ground fire.

What was the main weapon used in the Vietnam War?

Nearly all United States-allied forces were armed with U.S. weapons including the M1 Garand, M1 carbine, M14 and M16. The Australian and New Zealand forces employed the 7.62 mm L1A1 Self-Loading Rifle as their service rifle, with the occasional US M16.

What were the tactics used in the Vietnam War?

American tactics in Vietnam can be summed up by the acronym BEAST – Bombing, Escalation, Air and artillery, Search and destroy and Technology.

What was happening in Vietnam before the war started?

Before World War Two Vietnam had been part of the French Empire. During World War Two it had been invaded by Japan. Ho Chi Minh was the leader of the Vietminh, a resistance army which fought for Vietnamese independence. After World War Two Ho Chi Minh captured Hanoi in 1945 and declared Vietnam independent.

What kind of vehicles were used in the Vietnam War?

Perhaps the two most common and most effective armored vehicles to serve in the American military during the war were the M-48 Patton tank and the M-113 Armored Personnel Carrier.

What kind of tanks did the South Vietnamese use?

1 AMX-13 light tank – Used by South Vietnamese Army ARVN 2 M103 heavy tank – Used by South Vietnamese Army ARVN 3 M2 Light Tank – Used by South Vietnamese Army ARVN 4 M2 Medium Tank – Used by South Vietnamese Army ARVN 5 M22 Locust light tank – Used by South Vietnamese Army ARVN

What kind of weapons did the PAVN use in Vietnam?

The PAVN, although having inherited a variety of American, French, and Japanese weapons from World War II and the First Indochina War (aka French Indochina War), were largely armed and supplied by the People’s Republic of China, the Soviet Union, and its Warsaw Pact allies.

What was the name of the South Vietnamese armored carrier?

The U.S. Army, after berating the South Vietnamese for flouting battle doctrine, came out with their own ACAV version.