When did air rifles come out?

When did air rifles come out?

One of the first commercially successful and mass-produced air guns was manufactured by the William F. Markham’s Markham Air Rifle Company in Plymouth, Michigan, US. Their first model air gun was the wooden Challenger, marketed in 1886.

Who invented the air gun?

Girandoni Bartolomeo
During Napoleonic wars in 1780 Italian inventor Girandoni Bartolomeo has designed world’s first pre-compressed air rifle. Austrian army called this rifle a “wind rifle” (Windbüchse, ger.). It was a .

Who owns Benjamin pellets?

Owned by the Crosman Corporation, Benjamin air guns come in an array of classic air rifle and air pistol styles. Benjamin air rifles feature wood and metal construction and pack a lot of power with many of their air rifles capable of 1000 fps or more.

When did w.r.benjamin start making air rifles?

When W.R. Benjamin introduced his “Benjamin Pump” in 1882, most of the compressed rifles of the time were toys by comparison. His pump-action air rifle built up enough pressure to shoot round shot or darts up to 300 to 400 feet per second with just a few strokes of the pump lever. More Than a Century of Success

Where was the first Crosman air rifle made?

Production from 1902 to 1904 and from 1906 to 1986 was in St. Louis. In 1977, the Benjamin Air Rifle Company purchased Sheridan Products in Racine, Wisconsin. Benjamin and Sheridan were acquired by Crosman in 1992.

When did Walter Benjamin invent the pump gun?

In the 1880s, Wissler Instrument Company began manufacturing the Benjamin pump guns. By 1899, Walter Benjamin manufactured the guns under his own company, the St. Louis Air Rifle Company.

Who was the inventor of the air rifle?

The Girandoni air rifle was an airgun designed by Tyrolian inventor Bartholomäus Girandoni circa 1779. The weapon was also known as the Windbüchse (“wind rifle” in German ). One of the rifle’s more famous associations is its use on the Lewis and Clark Expedition to explore and map the western part of North America in the early 1800s.