When were Parker Reproductions made?

When were Parker Reproductions made?

The Parker Reproduction started in in 1983 with the imprint “Parker Reproduction by Winchester” although Winchester was never involved in the reproduction. The shotgun was manufactured in Japan and many debate that the quality of this shotgun was superior to the original Parker shotguns.

How many Parker Reproduction shotguns were made?

In the end, the total number of Parker Reproduction shotguns imported into the US was 12,225, according to Jack Skeuse, one of Tom’s four sons. The DHE Grade (such as the one shown here) was the first reproduced, and the parts were interchangeable with the originals’.

Are Parker shotguns valuable?

Parker damascus barreled shotguns (hammer or hammerless) are very collectible if original condition is over 40%. Specimens in 90% or better condition with strong case colors can approximate values of the steel barrel models if the bores are in excellent condition also (no pitting).

Who owns Parker shotguns?

Remington Arms
During these years, approximately 242,000 guns were produced in various grades, and are widely considered the finest and most collectible American shotgun….Parker Bros.

Formerly Parker Snow Co. Meriden Manufacturing Company Charles Parker Maker Parker Brothers Guns Parker Bros. Shotguns
Parent Remington Arms (1934–1942)

How big is the barrel of a Parker Reproduction shotgun?

For your consideration we have a beautiful example of a Parker Reproduction DHE grade in 20 gauge in a two barrel set. Barrels are 26″ and 28″. The 26″ barrel has IC and MOD chokes with …Click for more info NEW THIS WEEK! Parker Reproduction consecutively numbered pair of 12 gauge DHE SxS shotguns.

What kind of Parker shotguns are for sale?

Two Barrel Set. 28″ M/F and 26″ IC/M. Stunning exhibition California English walnut capped pistol grip stock, skeleton butt, two sets of barrel …Click for more info I have for sale a rather unusual Winchester/Parker Reproduction DHE in 20 gauge with two barrels.

Are there any Parker Reproduction dhe SxS shotguns?

Parker Reproduction consecutively numbered pair of 12 gauge DHE SxS shotguns. This pair of DHE 12’s is a close as one can get to being “identical”. Same dimensi …Click for more info NEW THIS WEEK!

When did Tom Skeuse start making Parker Reproduction shotguns?

So I was surprised when, in mid-1984, Larry telephoned to advise that our mutual friend, Tom Skeuse, was resurrecting the Parker marque—with shotguns to be made in Japan and mostly by machine! A year or so later Tom sent me two of his Parker Reproduction shotguns “in the white” to stock.