Where can I buy a Remington 870 barrel?

Where can I buy a Remington 870 barrel?

Welcome to the Remington 870 Shotgun Barrels section at Midwestgunworks.com. If you’re looking for a factory replacement barrel for your Remington 870 Shotgun, you’ve come to the right spot. The barrels in this category are specific to the Remington Model 870 unless otherwise noted.

What kind of steel is in Remington 870?

This Remington 870 barrel is Constructed from ordnance grade 4140 steel. Chrome lined bores makes these barrels better than factory ones. 18.5” barrel length is the most popular choice for home defense shotgun.

What are the advantages of a Remington 870?

Also, this Remington 870 barrel enables you to change chokes for different type of the game and sport shooting. Bead sight with midlle bead enables you to check your sight picture and have more stable results. Of course the price you pay for all these advantages is additional barrel length.

How big is the choke on a Remington 870?

Here are results of 12 tests with different options: # Barrel Length Choke Group size, mm 4 26″ Full 147 (5.8″) 5 26″ Rifled 67 (2.6″) 6 30″ Cyl 134 (5.3″) 7 30″ Mod 145 (5.7″)

Is the Remington serial number the same as the barrel code?

Please keep in mind that often times barrels have been swapped on many guns so the stars may not line up between what Remington tells you, the serial number decode tells you, and the barrel decode tells you! And some barrels do not have the date code on them at all.

Which is the best Remington barrel to buy?

The most popular barrel is the Remington 870 18″ bead sight barrel. It is short, simple and inexpensive. This short barrel enables you to easily manouevre around the house. It is possible to change the factory bead with light gathering or Tritium one. This barrel is universal tool which is good for almost any purpose.