Where can I buy Winchester Model 94 parts?

Where can I buy Winchester Model 94 parts?

Get Winchester Model 94 Pre 64 parts and the schematic today with Numrich Gun Parts. Browse from the wide selection that Numrich offers and know that Numrich has been the name to trust for replacement parts since 1950. Find the Winchester Model 94 Pre 64 parts that you need for your repair today.

What is the serial number for a Winchester Model 1894?

Winchester Model 1894 (Mod 94): Covering numbers: 1 – 5103249. Please enter a serial number and click the submit button.

When did the Winchester Special cartridge come out?

The .[&32&] Winchester Special (or .[&32&] WS) is a rimmed cartridge created in October 1901 for use in the Winchester Model 94 lever-action rifle. It is [&similar&] in name but unrelated to the .[&32&]-[&20&] Winchester cartridge (which is also known as .[&32&] [&WCF&]).

When did the Winchester Model 94 become Ted Williams Model 100?

From 1964 through 1980, a version of the Model 94 carbine was also sold by Sears as the Ted Williams Model 100, as part of Sears’ marketing arrangement with both Winchester and the retired baseball star. In mid-1964, the manufacturing of the 94 was changed in order to make the firearm less expensive to produce.

Is the Winchester 94 post 64 a replica?

Gold Colored Finger lever TOP Eject Winchester 94 POST 64 Commemorative rifle. This is an ORIGINAL finger lever Winchester 94 POST 64 TOP Eject. Bluing varies due to these being… This is the very hard to find firing pin Winchester model 94 POST 64. It fits the angle eject…

What is the locking bolt on a Winchester post 64 carbine?

This Winchester manufactured locking bolt assembly is for the post 64 model 94 top eject lever actio.. This Winchester manufactured lower tang is for the post 64 model 94 lever action carbine manufacture.. Model: 94 Post 64 Top Eject – in 30-30 Win.

What kind of ejector does a Winchester post 64 have?

This is the ejector spring Winchester 94 POST 64. It fits calibers 44 rem, 357 magnum and 45 colt. This is the OUTER ejector spring 44 MAG ejector of the Winchester model 94 POST 64 Top eject. This is the ejector spring Winchester 94 post 64.

What kind of rifle is a Model 94?

Winchester model 94 mfg 1899 s/n 1611xx 1934 Winchester 64 Deluxe with a Lyman 2… 5 years later; Found a nice Winchester … Holes drilled on left side of ’03 Barrel winchester 1200 dating 1894 Short Rifle examples wanted Recent Range Trip Preferred Sights– Lyman 21/38 or Tang P…

Is the safety catch spring screw for the pre-64 Model 94?

This Winchester manufactured sear and safety catch spring screw is for the pre-64 model 94 lever act.. This Winchester manufactured sear is for the pre-64 model 94 lever action carbine and is in very goo..

What kind of ejector does a Winchester Model 94 carbine use?

This Winchester manufactured right side cartridge guide is for the pre-64 model 94 lever action carb.. This Winchester manufactured cartridge guide screw is for the pre-64 model 94 lever action carbine a.. This Winchester manufactured ejector is for the pre-64 model 94 lever action carbine and is in very ..

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How to contact a collector of a Winchester rifle?

If you have any questions about our inventory, please call our knowledgeable staff at 877-214-9327 or send us an email at [email protected]. Keep up with our growing inventory of Winchester rifles by checking back here, or keep up with our new arrivals daily.

When did the Winchester Repeating Arms Company start?

The proven performer for over a century. No greater names have ever been linked together more solidly than Winchester® and the Model 1894. Early on in 1862, Oliver Fisher Winchester began Winchester Repeating Arms Company and followed with a series of fine rifles like the 1866, 1873 and 1876.

Is there a scope mount for a win 94?

If you want the side mount scope base / rings I have for a Win 94, send me a PM and we’ll work something out; looks like you’re located about 20 minutes from me. if your not opposed to gettig rid of the gun, the marlins are drilled for a scope mount from the factory… much better way to go if you ask me.

Where can I find a Winchester owners manual?

PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY BY PHONE IF YOU NEED A MANUAL FOR A FIREARM THAT IS NOT LISTED. Go to our contact information page. For information on Accessibility, please go to our page here on winchesterguns.com. Go to the Winchester Repeating Arms ADA Accessibility Page by clicking here.

How many bits are in a Winchester 94 top eject?

For a Winchester 94 Top Eject, the 6 bits are: The Brownells site offers a free, clear, exploded view diagram they call a “Schematic.” Click the “Schematic” tab at the top of the main page, then follow directions. I used “94 Top Eject- S/N Above 2,700,000 Schematic ID# 351.”

Do you need tools to disassemble a Winchester?

The whole process requires only a minimum of tools, items that most people will probably already have in their home or shop. Don’t loose value in your firearm by using the incorrect tools or removing parts in the incorrect order.