Where to find the serial number on a colt?

Where to find the serial number on a colt?

Were is the serial number located on my colt Police Positive… Vocational, Technical or Tra… I recently purchased a Colt .38 special CTG Police Positive.

Where can I Find my 38 Special serial number?

If you would like to learn more about the history of your gun (it was the broad-shouldered predecessor to the .357 Magnum), go to 38-44heavyduty.com. The fellow who runs that site (Bill) would like to get your serial number for his database.

How to find out the year my gun was made with serial?

I have a 1943 vintage High Power, and it has a character associated with the serial which defines which cycle of the same serial numbers it was. Mine is a lowercase “a”. A later gun with the identical number would be a “b”, and so on. An 1839-ish vintage Malherbe 20-gauge smoothbore has a 3-digit number, and I cannot find details on it.

How can you tell the age of a Colt gun?

If you want to know the exact age of the gun though, you’d have to find a reference table to crosscheck the characters with the manufacturing year. Technically speaking, Colt serial numbers tend jump all over the place with no set pattern. That’s why it’s difficult to understand them without a point of reference.

What are the serial numbers of police pistols?

Officers Model Officers Model Special Official Police & Marshal Official Police Caliber .22 Pocket Positive Police Positive .22 Target Model G & C Police Positive Heavy Frame Police Positive Special Police Positive .32 & Target Police Positive .38 Python Trooper Trooper Model & .357 Model Colt Semi -Automatic Pistols top Ace .22

When did the Colt Official Police revolver come out?

Released in 1908 as the Colt Army Special, the revolver was renamed the “Colt’s Official Police” in 1927 in order to better market to law enforcement agencies. It became one of the best selling police firearms of all time, eventually in the 1950s coming to exemplify typical law enforcement officer weaponry . [2]

What was serial number of Colt Police 38?

Early Colt Police Positive .38 Serial Number 3 with 4″ barrel – Blue finish with fire blue small parts and black stylized “C” hard rubber grips. Colt is the first factory cutaway of this model.

When did the Colt Police Positive come out?

The Colt Police Positive is a small-frame, double-action revolver featuring a six-round cylinder, chambered for either .32 or .38 caliber cartridges. Designed primarily for sale to federal, state, or local law enforcement agencies, the Police Positive was introduced into the firearms market by Colt’s Manufacturing Company in 1907.

What do the numbers mean on a Colt revolver?

A 4 is used for .32 to .20, a 6 is used for a a .357, a 7 is used for a .44, an 8 is used for a .45, and a 9 is used for .44 to .40. The third digit is the caliber of the gun. A 3 means 3 or 4 inches, a 4 means 4.75 or 5 inches, a 5 means 5.5 inches, a 7 means 7.5 inches, and a 1 means 12 inches.

Is the Colt Police Positive a collectible gun?

The Colt Police Positive is the Rodney Dangerfield of revolvers. It don’t get no respect. Normally, the word “Colt” is pure magic to collectors. Put that name on a gun, and shazam! It’s an instant collectible.

How did the colt.357 snake get its name?

As for naming Colt’s new .357, Al simply states, ” [The Colt company is] into snakes for some reason,” obviously recalling Colt’s first reptilian christening of the Cobra .38 Special back in 1950. Thus, the Python became the second serpentine moniker in Colt’s lineup.

Who was the polisher on the Colt Python?

We polished everything, including inside the hammer strut. There were only two of us allowed to work on the Python, myself and Don Bedford.” Indeed, because of all the intricate hand fitting and polishing involved, Colt used only its most highly skilled workers for the Python and the Single Action Army.

What are the production numbers of Colt Police?

Colt Police Positive .38 Special Production Information 1913 65000-89999 1946 481000-489999 1914 90000-109999 1947 490000-493999 1915 110000-124999 1948 494000-501599 1916 125000-142999 1949 501600-524999

When did the Colt Police 38 come out?

Colt Police Positive .38 Special Production Information 1933 412000-422999 1966 890800-D900100 1934 423000-434999 1967 D900101-D925999 1935 435000-443999 1968 D926000-D958500 1936 444000-451999 1969 D994999-A43499

When did the colt new police come out?

Pistol was manufactured in 1907. Close-up of “Colt’s New Police” logo on left side of frame. Colt Police Positive Serial Number 40539 with 4″ barrel – right side. Front site is standard early rounded type. The trigger and rear of the hammer are fire blued. Early Police Positive logo is on the right side of the barrel.

What was the serial number of the Paterson Colts?

Paterson Colts Single Action Army & Bisley Revolvers (Pre-War) Single Action Army, Buntline & New Frontier SAA (Post-War) Colt Double Action Revolvers