Where was Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle Works founded?

Where was Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle Works founded?

Location: Middlesex, New Jersey Established in 1883 in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Company has produced a wide variety of firearms during its existence. In 1894, the firm became “Iver Johnson’s Arms & Cycle Works.”

When did Iver Johnson make the first gun?

Total production from 1894 to 1896 was 250000 guns. The Second Model started in 1897 at serial number A50001 and was made with the double top post latch. Cased number A49065 —————————————— IVER JOHNSON’S ARMS & CYCLE WORKS FITCHBURG. MASS.U.S.A. IVER JOHNSON’S ARMS & CYCLE WORKS FITCHBURG. MASS.U.S.A.

What did the Iver Johnson hammer spur stand for?

Its best-known marketing slogan, “Hammer the hammer,” referred to a hammer-block safety and frame-mounted firing pin that prevented a revolver from firing accidentally if dropped on the hammer spur, introduced in 1904 on the popular Safety Automatic double-action revolver line. Iver Johnson continued arms production until it was liquidated in 1993.

How old was Iver Johnson when he died?

His dob was March 24th 1885, time of death, June 18th 1962. No military affiliation. The only group he was assocaited with was the masons. The gun, as you can see, is in presentation style display and shows no sign of firing. The action is in good working order.

How long does it take for Iver Johnson firearms to ship out?

Due to high demand, website orders are taking about 7-10 days from order date to ship out. Thank you for your patience. Out of stock items – Firearms that are listed as “out of stock” on our website may still be available through other distributors.

Is there a restocking fee for Iver Johnson?

Please email us if you need help locating one of our firearms. Free shipping on all orders over $49. Any order cancellation will receive a 5% restocking fee. This fee will be deducted from your credit card reimbursement. Please be aware, all firearm orders must be shipped to a retail shop with an FFL license.

What’s the year of the Iver Johnson 32?

Says it is a 32. Has a hammer. On the barrel says “IverJohnson’s Arms and Cycle works Fitchburg Ma USA Patd Apr 6 86, Feb 15 87, May 10 87, Dec 26 93” dad says he fired it in College at Norwich, VT in the late 60’s.