Who are the manufacturers of the revelation rifle?

Who are the manufacturers of the revelation rifle?

HISTORY OF REVELATION. A popular trade or brand name of the rifles and shotguns back in the early 50s that Western-Auto marketed or sold. These firearms were made by several established firearm manufacturers like Mossberg, Marlin, Stevens, Savage, and High Standard.

What kind of gun is a revelation shotgun?

A_A, yes your shottie is a Mossberg 500AB. Revelation was the store-brand name for firearms sold by Western Auto stores in the ’60’s and ’70’s. Any Mossy 500AB parts should fit your Revelation R310AB with no problems.

What kind of gun is the Mossberg revelation?

The gun came to me in the Gun & Ammo Famine of 2013, at well under 150 bucks. It has a 28″ modified plain barrel with a lot of blue wear and a tad of rust, which some elbow grease and cold blue corrected to my satisfaction. What it does do is shoot well and it put 25 #7 1/2 pellets in the 5X of a B21 at 40 yards.

What is the model number of Western Auto revelation?

Model Manufacture Model Number Model Manufacture Model Number 76 Hi Std DBL 9 200-2280 Mossberg 39A 100 Mossberg 321-320 200-2282 Mossberg 39AM 101

Where can I buy a new shotgun stock?

Numrich has been providing parts like these synthetic and wood shotgun stocks for customers since 1950. Find your replacement shotgun stocks today from top manufacturers with Numrich Gun Parts Corp.

What kind of stock does a savage shotgun use?

STEVENS Savage Model 940 16ga 28” BARREL, STOCK, FORARM. TRIGGER, HAMMER, Parts Savage, Stevens, Springfield, Fox Rifles, Marlin Rifle Stocks In the Rough. STEVENS MODEL SB 410GA. ORIGINAL WOOD STOCK *CRACKS & BROKEN* #L5040 SEARS 101.100 & SAVAGE 96 – 20GA. WOOD STOCK & Stock Bolt #L4070 Savage B, 12ga Shotgun Part.

What are stock and forends for a shotgun?

Remington, Hogue, and Mossberg are some gun manufacturers who offer stock and forearm replacements. What Are Stocks and Forends For? Stock: The shotgun stock is dedicated to providing you with ample grip and stability when holding especially high gauge guns.

What kind of gun does Western Auto Revelation make?

Western Auto – Revelation Firearms Western Auto – Revelation Firearms WESTERN AUTO- REVELATION Sold firearms under the following models and the company that manufactured them.

What kind of stock does a Stevens shotgun use?

WOOD STOCK, STOCK BOLT & BUTTPLATE #AB267 Stevens Model 77F 16 Ga. Fore end With op. Handle. Only 1 left!