Who made Stevens shotguns?

Who made Stevens shotguns?

Joshua Stevens
Stevens Arms was an American firearms manufacturer founded by Joshua Stevens in 1864 in Chicopee, Massachusetts. The company introduced the ….Stevens Arms.

Industry Firearms manufacturer
Headquarters Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts , U.S.
Key people W.B. Fay and James Taylor
Products Rifles, pistols, shotguns

Can you shoot slugs out of Stevens 320?

Shooting slugs is the interesting part as it gives a good impression of recoil and natural accuracy. The Stevens was pleasant to shoot 1-ounce slugs, and it absolutely preferred the old-school Remington Rifled Slugs. It grouped the Remington slugs on average at 1.75 inches at 25 yards.

Where is J Stevens Arms Company in Chicopee Falls?

Springfield Arms Company; Chicopee Falls … read more Firearms Appraiser, Firear… Various law enforcement ac… Second opinion] I have a Stevens double barrel side by side 12 gauge shotgun with the stamp of H33842 stamped on many places. On the right side of … read more

How big is Gary Stevens 12 gauge shotgun?

As far as Gary’s specific shotgun, he has relayed to me that the barrel is now 30″ in length. Originally, his shotgun was likely a J. Stevens Arms Company Model 94 12 Gauge Single-Shot Break-Open copy. This means the barrel more than likely was 32″ long when it left the factory.

What was the first shotgun made by Stevens Arms?

Starting in 1872, Stevens began producing single-barreled shotguns based on their tip-up rifles and pistols. The first was the Model 30 offered in 14 gauge but soon followed by 10, 12, 16, and 20 gauges.

Where was the J Stevens long rifle made?

I have a .410 pistol made by J. Stevens Arms Company in Chicopee Falls Mass. USA. Serial Number 23862. Can you tell me when it was made and any other details about it? … read more I have a Model 1915- 22 Long Rifle, From J. Stevens Arms Company in Chicopee Falls, Mass. Single shot, Lever action. Shoots accurate.