Who makes a 7MM-08?

Who makes a 7MM-08?

Remington Arms

7mm-08 Remington
Designer Remington Arms
Designed 1980
Parent case .308 Winchester

What does a 7mm-08 compared to?

The 7mm-08 case is just slightly longer than the parent . 308—2.035 inches vs. With comparable muzzle velocities (the 7mm-08 is a bit faster with the 140-grain load) the difference in holdover is negligible. The difference between these two cartridges is going to come down to a couple of simple questions.

What kind of action does a Remington 7mm 08 have?

The 7mm-08 is chambered in exactly the same actions as the .284 Winchester, but cannot equal .284 ballistics. Original rifles chambered for the 7mm-08 were the Remington Model 788 and 700BDL Varmint Special bolt actions. Current Remington catalogs list the 700 series and Model Seven bolt-actions as available in this chambering.

What kind of rifle is Remington Model 7?

Remington Model 7 rifle is one of its kind, and it needs no introduction. The rifle is very light and is best suited for shooting in thick areas, and one can also take it while on a long trek on hills. This model is basically a carbine version of Remington Model 700 but comparatively has a short action.

What’s the value of a Remington 700 rifle?

The new value of a REMINGTON 700 BDL rifle has risen $821.61 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $1,729.61 . The used value of a REMINGTON 700 BDL rifle has risen $177.02 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $1,042.58 .

Is the reloading port on a Remington Model 7 small?

The reloading port of Remington Model 7 rifle is comparatively small, but not as little as compared to the European Rifles. This results in the stiffer actions of the rifle. However, the reloading port slows down the procedure. It does not take much effort to adjust the triggers of the rifle.