How accurate is the Benjamin Marauder?

How accurate is the Benjamin Marauder?

Heavy when fully loaded with a big scope. It’s easy to see why the Benjamin Marauder air rifle is probably the most popular PCP in the market today. The HAM rating is a high 88%, which is a great performance!…Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle Test Review . 22 Cal.

HAM Test Rating 88%
Best Pellet Tested JSB Jumbo Express

Does the Benjamin Marauder have a regulator?

For the Benjamin Marauder airrifle we have designed a pressure regulator that can be used with the original pressure gauge assembly, but it is also possible to remove the pressure gauge and gauge assembly completely and replace it with the regulator body, so you have even more air volume available in the pressure tube!

How many shots is a Benjamin Marauder?

22 Marauder Field and Target shoots 15.89 JSBs around 820 feet per second and gives you about 50-60 good shots, although you will get 70-80 shots with a lighter pellet. For comparison, the standard Marauder will give you 30-40 good shots depending on the pellet and how you have it adjusted.

Is Benjamin Marauder a good gun?

The performance is solid, with excellent accuracy and power. The Marauder, especially the . 25 caliber, will do the job on any small game you want to pursue. The fact that you can adjust the power, and the gun is so inherently quiet, means it can be used in noise-sensitive shooting and hunting scenarios.

Is the Marauder pistol regulated?

Designed for the Benjamin Marauder . 22 air pistol, this pressure regulator can be used with the original pressure gauge assembly. This regulator is vented to the atmosphere without any modification to your pressure tube. This will prevent the regulated pressure from creeping up between shots.

How long is the Benjamin Marauder?

The Marauder PCP Pistol features a self-indexing, 8-shot clip and a 12-inch choked and shrouded barrel (scope not included). Overall length of the pistol is 18-inches (pistol grip configuration)….Currently Out of Stock.

Action Bolt Action
Powerplant PCP
Product Weight 2.70 lbs
Safety Crossbolt
Stock Material Synthetic

How much is a Benjamin Marauder air rifle?

List Price: $562.50 Details
You Save: $102.51 (18%)

Are there any parts left for the Benjamin Marauder air rifle?

Only 9 left in stock – order soon. JL Missouri Parts Crosman Pumpmaster 760 Reseal Kit, Includes Check Valves, O-Rings, Pump Head Cup. BB Pellet Gun Air Rifle Rebuild

What’s the gauge adapter for a Benjamin Marauder?

Benjamin Marauder Gauge Adapter is a replacement for Benjamin Marauder air rifles. Part 1761A017.&nb.. Adapter for those who want to attach any moderator with UNF threads onto their Benjamin marauder pis.. Adapter for those who want to attach any moderator with UNF threads onto their Benjamin marauder and..

What kind of sight does a Benjamin Marauder use?

Flat blade, Fiber Optic, or pin sight available. $25 and up. Benjamin Marauder rifles and pistols. (never break a valve stem again) Also Crosman 22xx guns. Delrin valve stems for bulk Co2, PCP, and HPA air guns. with sight. Flat blade and Fiber Optic sights available also. bolts in brass or stainless.

How much does a marauder rifle barrel cost?

Marauder rifle 20″ long Hammer Forged TJ .500″ OD barrels in 22 $245 with new air stripper for stock shroud or in 25 cal. $240 uses your stock shroud parts. Longer barrels available. Drop in replacement barrels. Marauder rifle 20″- 24″ long Lothar Walther choked barrels in 177 and 22 cal. $235. Includes new air stripper.