How long do spring piston rifles last?

How long do spring piston rifles last?

An HW77 with a factory spring may fail after about 12-15 years of little or no shooting for the same reason. An older Russian spring rifle may fail due to the spring wire being too weak for the application. Any airgun that has been subjected to repeated dieseling will probably have a bent mainspring.

What is IGT gas piston?

IGT (Inert Gas Technology) Gas Piston The IGT (Inert Gas Technology) is a gas piston that replaces the spring delivering more terminal velocity (1300 fps in . 177 Cal. and 975 fps in . 22 Cal. ), less vibration, more consistent power and a constant and smooth cocking effort.

What is a Nitro piston?

A nitro-piston air rifle’s charging mechanism consists of a nitrogen-filled piston that is compressed when the barrel is cocked. The nitrogen in the piston is already compressed but is compressed even further, holding immense pressure once the ammunition is loaded and the barrel is locked straight.

What is nitro piston technology and why should you care?

Crosman had this technology licensed under the name Crosman Nitro Piston TM and used it for gun manufacturing in the wide range of air rifles. How it works? A nitro piston air gun is a spring gun without the spring. Instead of using a coiled spring as the power plant, it uses a nitrogen-filled cylinder.

Which is better a spring gun or a nitro piston?

However, with a nitro piston, it doesn’t care about compression. Nothing here affects its life. That’s why the life-cycle of an average spring gun is only 5000 shots while the nitro piston can easily get 10 000 shots before it loses power. Although the nitro piston has lots of advantages, it does have some disadvantages.

How are nitro piston technology can make your…-air gun maniac?

Second, the nitro piston produces much less recoil than the traditional spring gun. When you shoot a spring air gun, the spring extends, causes strong vibration to the barrel in all directions, and generates lots of recoil. With a nitro piston gun, the nitro piston extends smoothly and has less effect on the barrel so it has much less recoil.

Can a nitro piston be left cocked for days?

Fifth, a nitro piston can be left cocked for days. With a springer, if you left the gun cocked for a long time, the spring would lose its strength which leads to a reduction in the gun’s power and accuracy. But with a nitro piston, you can leave it cocked for as long as you like.