How long is a snub nose revolver?

How long is a snub nose revolver?

A snubnosed revolver (colloquially known as a snubbie, belly gun, or bulldog revolver) is any small, medium, or large frame revolver with a short barrel, which is generally 3 inches or less in length.

What is the best revolver barrel length?

But revolver expert John Taffin recommends, the perfect revolver barrel length, to be 5 1/2″.

What frame size is a S&W 629?

While the Model 629 is available in a variety of versions with different features, a 4-inch barreled standard version was evaluated for this article. The 629 is a large frame revolver built on S&W’s N frame, which is well suited for the recoil and pressures associated with the . 44 Magnum.

When did S & W start making 7 shot revolvers?

In 1996 S&W began offering the L-Frame revolver with the option of a seven-round cylinder. By reducing the chamber wall thickness from 0.177 to 0.055 inch, S&W’s engineers squeezed seven rounds into a space where previously only six resided. In addition, the redesigned lockwork provided a slightly shorter trigger stroke.

What kind of Revolver does Smith and Wesson make?

During the 1980s, Smith & Wesson developed its K/L-Frame line of .357 Magnums: the Model 581, Model 586, Model 681 and Model 686. The Models 581 and 681 have fixed sights, whereas the 586 and 686 use adjustable sights. S&W Model 686 (US – Revolver – .357 Magnum & .38 Special: Distinguished Combat Magnum 6-shot cylinder, Stainless)

What kind of barrel does S & W 619 Revolver have?

The barrels on the new Model 619 and 620 revolvers are S&W’s two-piece design with an inner rifled sleeve and a stainless-steel outer shroud. As the sleeve is screwed into the frame, the flared muzzle end secures the shroud in place against the frame.

What kind of finish does a s and W Revolver have?

All of the external metal surfaces of the barrel, cylinder and frame are highly polished and S&W bright blued, with the top of the frame and barrel rib matte finished to prevent glare. This is one of the best finishes in production handguns.