How much is a 1851 Navy Colt worth?

How much is a 1851 Navy Colt worth?

COLT 1851 NAVY pistol PRICE AND HISTORICAL VALUE A COLT 1851 NAVY pistol is currently worth an average price of $1,050.27 new and $538.81 used .

What kind of pistol did Wild Bill Hickok use?

Colt 1851 Navy Model
Pistols known to have been carried by Hickok Hickok’s favorite guns were a pair of Colt 1851 Navy Model (.36 caliber) cap-and-ball revolvers. They had ivory grips and nickel plating, and were ornately engraved with “J.B. Hickok–1869” on the backstrap.

How much does a 1851 Colt revolver cost?

Extremely rare factory pair of 1851 Navies engraved and antique silver finish on one and antique gold finish on the other. Only six sets may have been produced according to factory letter, but only f …Click for more info $6500. Plus shipping Colt 3rd Mdl. Dragoon Statehood Edition-Wisconsin

What was the first Colt revolver ever made?

First “F” series revolver following the “C” series. Colt kept this particular revolver as a sample and display model. Gun is in excellent unfired cond …Click for more info NEW THIS WEEK! NEW THIS WEEK! Colt 3rd Generation Signature Series 1847 Walker .44 Cal Black Powder Revolver ** UNFIRED w/ Box! **

When was the Colt Single Action Army p1850 made?

Colt Single Action Army 3rd Generation Model P1850 in 45 Colt, S17XXXA, manufactured 1997. Features 5 ½” bbl., color casehardened frame, fitted with black checkered eagle grips. Also acco …Click for more info Colt Custom Shop Single Action Army 3rd Generation Model P1850XC in 45 Colt, S29XXXA, manufactured 2000.

What kind of Revolver is a colt Sheriff?

“Colt Sheriffs Model .44 Special caliber revolver. 3rd Gen Sheriffs model in excellent condition. Comes with an extra .44-40 cylinder that is not numbered to it, and display case. Click for more info “Colt Sheriffs Model .44-40 caliber revolver. 3rd Gen Sheriffs model with blued finish.