How much is a 308 Winchester Model 100 worth?

How much is a 308 Winchester Model 100 worth?

Recently Sold WINCHESTER 100 rifle

Price Item Condition
$671.00 OTHER MODEL .308 WIN. WINCHESTER 100 308 FIRST YEAR 1961 PRE 64 SEMI AUTOMATIC 22 INCH ” BARREL Redmond, OR 97756 Used
$525.00 OTHER MODEL .308 WIN. 1962 WINCHESTER MODEL 100 WIN G-20367482-2 ESS 22 INCH ” BARREL Roseville, MI 48066 Used

Is the Winchester Model 100 a good rifle?

The model 100 has a 4-shot magazine, is semi-auto, and is a very fine rifle. I have taken mine apart, and using the instruction manual, found it pretty easy to disassemble and get back together. I took it to the range today, and it operated flawlessly, so I must have got the assembly right.

What caliber is a 308?

The .308 Winchester is a smokeless powder rimless bottlenecked rifle cartridge….

.308 Winchester
Case type Rimless, bottleneck
Bullet diameter 0.308 in (7.8 mm)
Neck diameter 0.3433 in (8.72 mm)
Shoulder diameter 0.4539 in (11.53 mm)

What is the value of the 308 caliber Winchester Model 100?

What is the value of the 308 caliber Winchester Model 100? Value is determined by a number of factors including age, condition, documentation, etc. You will need to know your serial number, and you will need to determine the condition.

What’s the difference between Winchester Model 88 and 100?

The Model 100’s stock, however, is a bit beefier than the Model 88 stock. The Model 100 was originally offered in two calibers (.243 and .308 Win.) and one model, a rifle with a 22″ barrel. Later on another caliber, .284 Winchester, and style–a carbine with a 19″ barrel and no checkering on the stock–were added.

What’s the serial number on a Winchester 100?

Model 100 #984 WIN. MODEL 100, 243 cal., SN 728XX, 22” bbl., flip up rear sight, hooded ramp front sight, sling swivels, basket weave checkering, exc. bore & wood, 98% blue. $795 FFL req …Click for more info This is a Winchester 100 308 with a 22 inch barrel. This gun is 99% metal and 98% wood. Serial # is 68xx. Buyer pays 40.00 shipping.

Is the Winchester Model 243 still in the magazine?

The .243 still wears what appears to be the original lacquer finish, flaking in spots. All Model 100s (and Model 88s) are fed from the same type of detachable box magazine. This holds 4 cartridges in .243, .308 and .358 Win.