How much is a Colt 1911 Gold Cup worth?

How much is a Colt 1911 Gold Cup worth?

What is a COLT 1911 GOLD CUP pistol Worth? A COLT 1911 GOLD CUP pistol is currently worth an average price of $1,475.49 new and $1,282.42 used .

When was my Colt Delta Elite made?

Colt Delta Elite

Delta Elite
Designer Colt’s Manufacturing Company based on a John Browning design
Designed 1987
No. built Unknown
Variants Blued, Stainless, Enhanced, 10/40, Bright Stainless

What is a Colt National Match?

Colt National Match – Chambered in . 45 ACP, these were basically Government Model pistols with hand honed actions, match grade barrels, and exceptionally fine blued finish. They were manufactured between 1933 and 1941. These pistols were manufactured between 1957 and 1970.

When did the Colt Gold Cup come out?

The first Colt Gold Cup® pistol was introduced in the late 1950’s to give competitive shooters a gun to take directly from the dealer’s showcase to the firing line. Colt Gold Cup® pistols have been used to compete in local club matches through the National Matches at Camp Perry.

Is a Colt Gold Cup a 1911?

Colt Gold Cup 1911 Pistol – The Colt Gold Cup is known as the finest shooting semi-automatic in the world, and is the standard for competitive guns.

Which Colt 1911 is best?

Well, there are several reasons why, including:

  • Colt Combat Commander – Best Colt 1911 Under $1,000.
  • Colt Combat Unit Rail Gun.
  • Colt Competition.
  • Colt Defender.
  • Colt Delta Elite.
  • Colt Gold Cup – Best Colt 1911.
  • Colt M45A1 CQBP.
  • Colt Series 70.

Does Colt still make the Gold Cup?

The Colt Gold Cup® Trophy has been reborn as the ultimate choice for the modern competitor. For the weekend warrior or the full-time competitive shooter, there really is no other option – the new Colt Gold Cup® Trophy.

What makes a Colt Gold Cup?

The new Colt Gold Cup Trophy pistol features the well-respected Gold Cup Series 70 Wide Target trigger, set between 4 to 6 pounds, as well as a 5-inch polished, stainless steel National Match barrel. This pairing, as with earlier Gold Cups, results in an incredibly accurate pistol.

What is a Colt Gold Cup trophy?

The gun. The Gold Cup Trophy ($1,699) is a full-sized 1911 with a five-inch barrel. It’s available in . 45 ACP (8-round magazines) and 9 mm (9-round magazines). Both are identical in their construction and features.

Does Colt still make the Delta Elite?

Colt Delta Elite Pistol -The Colt Delta Elite, a longtime favorite amongst combat pistol shooters, offers the power to hunt medium sized game with near . 41 Magnum ballistics in a legendary 1911 style pistol….1 of 4.

PRICE $1,169.99
Action Pistol
Capacity 8+1
Barrel Length 5in
Finish Brushed Stainless

When was the Colt Gold Cup national match made?

As Serven noted in his updated 1964 edition of Colt Firearms, “In 1957 the Colt Company resumed manufacture of a deluxe .45 automatic target pistol, naming this model the ‘Colt Gold Cup National Match.’ Working parts are hand-fitted; the pistol is meticulously made and super-accurate for championship shooting.

What is the serial number of a junior Colt?

Junior Colt .25 Junior Colt .22, .25 & Colt Auto Cal.25 from 1970 Kit .38 Special (.38 Special Caliber) Kit .38 Special (.45 ACP) Kit Conversion .45 – .22 Kit Conversion .22 – .45 Model 1900 Model 1902 Sporting Model 1902 Military* 1918-1929

Is the super.38 Colt national match still made?

This was and is, a very fine match .45 auto…The Super Match was a fine target sighted and selected Super .38, but is no longer made. It was brought out soon after the introduction of the National Match .45 Colt.” Actually, most NMs wore that marking on the right side of the slide.

How big is the trigger pull on a colt national match?

Serven seems to have been impressed with the Gold Cup incarnation. So was Charles M. Heard, a popular gun expert of the day, who described it in 1960 as the “Colt ‘National Match’ .45 ACP, factory accurized and custom crafted for target. Trigger pull: 4 lbs., adjustable with trigger stop. Full target sights, straight back-strap.