How much is a WW2 P38 worth?

How much is a WW2 P38 worth?

Recently Sold WALTHER ARMS P 38 pistol

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Was the Walther P38 reliable?

Sights consist of a fixed front blade and a fixed notched rear. Like the 1911, the P38 was quite popular with troops so armed. It was much more reliable and rugged than the P08. Trouble was, however, production could not keep up with demand.

Why was the Walther P38 used in World War 2?

However, Walther still needed help to meet with the armies’ needs. By the end of the war 1.2 million P38s were produced, of which Walther made only about 580,000. Because the Wehrmacht needed more than 10,000 pistols per month, they looked for other manufacturers to produce the P38.

What was the serial number of the first p38?

The first really genuine P38 were known as the Zero-series. These started with the serial numbers 01-013000, and below is pictured an example of one of these Zero-series P38s. These were the very first military P38s, and only 13,000 were made between April 1939 and March 1940.

When did the Mauser p38 Luger stop being made?

In June, 1940 the Army issued orders to the Mauser, Obendorf to cease production of the P08 Luger, and begin to produce the P38. The leadership at the Mauser plant was not in favor of this change, and the production of the P08 Luger continued up until 1942. Finally in November 1942, the production of the P38 began at Mauser.

How many Walther P-38 pistols are produced per month?

In August they delivered another 300 for testing, and these were finally given the long awaited acceptance proof, (eagle 88). The army now demanded 10,000 pistols per month from Spreewerke, although this amount was never obtained.