How much is my WINCHESTER MODEL 70 worth?

How much is my WINCHESTER MODEL 70 worth?

What is a WINCHESTER MODEL 70 rifle Worth? A WINCHESTER MODEL 70 rifle is currently worth an average price of $1,482.84 new and $1,021.91 used .

When was the WINCHESTER MODEL 70 made?

The Model 70 was originally manufactured by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company between 1936 and 1980. From the early 1980s until 2006, Winchester rifles were manufactured by U.S. Repeating Arms under an agreement with Olin Corporation, allowing USRA to use the Winchester name and logo.

What is a 1970 Winchester 30 30 worth?

Originally, Winchester intended to produce only 44,000 of these rifles, but they were so immensely popular, they eventually produced over 102,000 of them. Unfortunately, this does not do much for collector’s value. One in good shooting condition would go from $550 to $750 depending on the overall finish.

What is a 1974 WINCHESTER MODEL 70 worth?

That is one beautiful Winchester Post 64 Model 70 Rifle. I would estimate it’s value should you be selling it for $550.00-$625.00.

Which is better WINCHESTER MODEL 70 or Remington 700?

If you’re looking for the most rugged, dependable rifle that will work in the harshest conditions a CRF 70 is one of the best. Between 1964 to 1992 Winchester had their share of troubles and while they were still a more rugged rifle,the 700 earned a reputation as the more accurate rifle.

Are the new WINCHESTER MODEL 70 any good?

It felt good; it felt solid; it felt like you were going to hit what you were aiming at. The action had a glassy smoothness to it that you simply don’t encounter in today’s rifles. New from the factory, a Model 70 cycled as though it had been used for 25 years.

How much is a 1964 WINCHESTER MODEL 70 worth?

WINCHESTER MODEL 70 PRE 64 rifle PRICE AND HISTORICAL VALUE A WINCHESTER MODEL 70 PRE 64 rifle is currently worth an average price of $1,310.36 used .

Are Remington Model 700 any good?

The Remington 700 is a solid and well tested bolt action rifle of that there is no doubt, however the competition today is stiff and the old 700 Remi can simply no longer compete with the out of the box accuracy and build quality of other cheap rifles.

Are the new Winchester Model 70 any good?

What is a used WINCHESTER MODEL 70 worth?

What is a WINCHESTER MODEL 70 rifle Worth? A WINCHESTER MODEL 70 rifle is currently worth an average price of $1,482.84 new and $1,021.91 used . The 12 month average price is $1,350.03 new and $1,065.97 used.

What is the price of a Winchester 70?

Manufacturer – Model. Caliber. Value. Winchester – 70 Featherweight 300 WSM Bolt Action Rifle. .300 WSM Win Short Mag. $730.00. Winchester – 70 Featherweight 270 Bolt Action Rifle.

What’s the price of a Winchester 30 06?

30-06 70 Super Grade Winchester Model Classic – 30-06 PRICE: $905.00 MANUFACTURER: Winchester

When did the Winchester Repeating Arms Model 70 come out?

Super Grade Rifle: same barrel and calibers as Standard Grade; select checkered walnut capped pistol-grip stock, with cheekpiece; checkered fore-end, with plastic tip. Built from 1936 to 1960. 4. Featherweight: 22″ round barrel; chambered for .243, .264, .270, .308, .30-06 and .358; fitted with aluminum trigger guard, buttplate and floorplate.

Is the Winchester 70 30-06 target rifle in good condition?

Bore is bright and rifling crisp/sharp. It has the heavy, not the bull barrel and wears the standard Marksman stock with the adjustable hand rest on the bottom of the forearm. Both wood and metal are in very good condition….overall, about 97%. It has no sights, but does wear a set of Leupold bases and rings.