Is the Remington 740 a good gun?

Is the Remington 740 a good gun?

The Remington 740, 742, and 7400 are good looking rifles for sure.

What is the difference between a Remington 742 ADL and BDL?

The ADL has a blind magazine meaning it does not open from the bottom of the rifle. The BDL has a floor plate that allows fore the bottom of the magazine to be opened for cleaning or adding rounds to replace those that have been fired. The ADL is a step down from the BDL. Both are excellent weapons.

How much is a Remington model 740 worth?

What is a REMINGTON 740 rifle Worth? A REMINGTON 740 rifle is currently worth an average price of $450.13 used . The 12 month average price is $450.13 used.

When did the Remington 740 semi auto come out?

At the inception, the Remington model 740 semi-auto was named the Woodsmaster, and came with a 22″ barrel with a detachable 4 shot box magazine, being introduced in 1955, three years AFTER it’s companion, the 760 pump. This model 740 was probably only initially produced in 30-06.

What kind of sights does a Remington 740 have?

Description: This is a Remington 740 semi-automatic rifle chambered in .30-06. This rifle has a 22” barrel with clean sharp rifling and original iron sights and a Weaver K2.5 60B scope with ultra thin crosshairs.

What kind of spring does the Remington 740 Woodsmaster use?

This Remington manufactured disconnector spring is for the model 740 Woodsmaster semi-auto rifle and.. This Remington manufactured metal ejection port cover is for the model 740 Woodsmaster semi-auto rif.. This Remington manufactured synthetic ejection port cover is for the model 740 Woodsmaster semi-auto..

Is the Remington Model 740 gas operated or gas operated?

The 760 would require scoping, another $100 at least (probably $200 to do it right). The 740 was gas operated, so it might not kick too hard. We decided to buy the Model 740 and I stood guard to make sure that nobody else bought it while granddad went home to get a checkbook.