Is the Remington 7600 still being made?

Is the Remington 7600 still being made?

The Remington Model 7600 is a series of pump-action centerfire rifles made by Remington Arms. The Model 7600 is a progression from the original Model 760 pump-action rifle which Remington produced from 1952 to 1981….

Remington Model 7600
Produced 1981–present
Variants see variants
Mass 7.5 lb (3.4 kg)

What’s the name of the Remington pump action rifle?

The .30-06 Springfield, .270 Winchester and the then popular .300 Savage were all chambered in the M-760. And it endures today in many disparate variations. The old M-141 is still a pleasant companion in the fi eld, and the .30 Remington mimics the ballistics of the famous .30-30 Winchester.

When did the Remington 7600 pump action come out?

Chambered in nearly every big game caliber from .223 to .270, .30-06 and even .35 Whelen, the Remington 7600 is a handy pump-action carbine. The rifle first came into being in 1981, a year after Larry’s faithful 742 went off the market and the same year that the Benoit family’s iconic 760 followed suit.

What kind of bullet does A.30 Remington use?

While the listed bullet diameter of the .30 Remington is .307 inch, modern day .308-inch bullets intended for the .30-30 work just fine. Period literature on the M-141 notes that pointed bullets can be used in the gun because the design of the spiral magazine keeps the point of a bullet from resting on the primer ahead of it.

How big of a case do you need for A.30 Remington?

It’s important to note that you can’t use .30-30 dies to reload the .30 Remington because of different case dimensions. You’ll need a set of .30 Remington dies, available from RCBS. Remember, for reliable functioning, the overall length of loaded rounds needs to be about 2.535 inches.