What is the first side of Led Zeppelin 4?

What is the first side of Led Zeppelin 4?

Track listing

No. Title Writer(s)
1. “Black Dog” Jimmy Page Robert Plant John Paul Jones
2. “Rock and Roll” Page Plant Jones John Bonham
3. “The Battle of Evermore” Page Plant
4. “Stairway to Heaven” Page Plant

What Led Zeppelin song is played in Fast Times at Ridgemont High?

The scene immediately cuts to Rat driving love interest Stacy, blasting Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir,” off their “Physical Graffiti” album — a glaring mistake to the band’s Zep fanatics.

What is Led Zeppelin’s fourth album called?

Led Zeppelin IV
Led Zeppelin’s fourth album is variously known as Led Zeppelin IV, Untitled, Four Symbols and Zoso, but its true title is formed by the four unpronounceable symbols chosen by each band member.

What album is Kashmir by Led Zeppelin on?

Physical Graffiti
“Kashmir” is a song by the English rock band Led Zeppelin. Included on their sixth album Physical Graffiti (1975), it was written by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant with contributions from John Bonham over a period of three years with lyrics dating to 1973.

When did Led Zeppelin IV come out in the US?

The untitled fourth studio album by English rock band Led Zeppelin, commonly known as Led Zeppelin IV, was released on 8 November 1971 by Atlantic Records.

Where is the block of flats on Led Zeppelin IV?

The block of flats seen on the album is the Salisbury Tower in the Ladywood district of Birmingham. Page has explained that the cover of the fourth album was intended to bring out a city/country dichotomy that had initially surfaced on Led Zeppelin III, and a reminder that people should look after the Earth.

How did four sticks by Led Zeppelin get its name?

Plant later performed the track on solo tours. ” Four Sticks ” took its title from Bonham playing the drum pattern that runs throughout the song with four drum sticks & Jones played analog synth. The track was difficult to record compared to the other material on the album, requiring numerous takes.

What kind of music does Led Zeppelin play?

User Reviews. Led Zeppelin’s untitled fourth album is a monolithic musical milestone with soul-stirring songs that paved the way for 70s hard rock and heavy metal. The record combines elements of the predominantly acoustic and folk-oriented Led Zeppelin III with the blues rock and hard rock of the band’s first two releases.