What is the serial number on a Colt 25?

What is the serial number on a Colt 25?

The later Colt .25’s were not marked that way. The easy way to tell is the serial number. The Astra-made guns have a “CC” prefix; the guns with US made frames and Astra parts have an “OD” prefix. The Model 1908 serial number has no prefix or suffix.

What was the serial number of the colt 1908 Vest Pocket?

Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket .25 Hammerless Production Year Serial Number Total Year Serial Number 1908 1 850 1929 375350 1909 850 22250 1930 382250 1910 23100 19100 1931 387600

When did the colt junior 22 come out?

Junior Colt .22 Production Dates (Shares Serial Numbers with Junior Colt .25) Year Serial Number Year Serial Number 1960 14001cc 1966 51100cc 1961 16501cc 1967 54950cc 1962 18350cc 1968 58250cc – 62338cc 1963 20450cc

When was the first Colt.45 ACP made?

1911 .45 ACP Production Information. Military Versions from 1912 to 1945. Manufacturer/Serial Number/Date Made. Beginning of M1911: 1) Colt: S/N 1 to 3190 = April 16, 1912 to May 31, 1912. 2) Colt: S/N 3190 to 7501 = May 31, 1912 to Oct. 10, 1912. (S/N 3501 to 3799 were first U.S.M.C. pistols made by Colt delivered June 6, 1912.)

What kind of gun is Colt caliber 25?

Writing on one side of the barrel: “Colt’s PT. F. A. Mfg. Co, Hartford, CT, USA (a horse icon). Other side of the barrel: “Colt Automatic, Caliber 25”. Horse logo on handle. Has clip with “Cal. 25, Colt” written on the bottom of it. I would like to sell these two and get either a shotgun or another pistol.

How can I find out what my Colt is worth?

Know what your Colt firearms are worth with this up-to-date 76-page .PDF download from the Standard Catalog of Firearms. Plus! Commemorative values and Colt Value Tracker!

Where can I buy a Colt gun for sale?

Browse Guns.com for hundreds of Colt handguns for sale. We offer a large selection of vintage, classically-styled, and modern pistols and revolvers made by a manufacturer trusted by law enforcement, military, and civilians alike for two centuries.

How much is a Colt Automatic Calibre 25 worth?

How much is a colt automatic calibre 25 worth? This Colt 45 is serial number C2781. Above the serial number This Colt 45 is serial number C2781. Above the serial number is XXXXX Colt Automatic Calibre 45.

What’s the average price of a colt 1905.25?

The FN Model 1905 .25 can go over $600 if NIB (very uncommon) and average around $350 in good shape. The later ones with the manual safety run about $50 less on average. FWIW, that gun is not the “Baby Browning”, which is a later and very different pistol. Now an interesting point.

What do the numbers mean on a colt?

A Colt single action model usually has 1 character prefix and 4 numbers. The prefix tells you the type of frame, while the numbers indicate the weapon version, caliber, barrel length, and model variation. For the first digit, a 1 means your Colt is the first model with a basic frame. Numbers 2, 3, 4, etc. are later versions.