What kind of air rifle is a 1980 Sheridan?

What kind of air rifle is a 1980 Sheridan?

Vintage 1980 Sheridan C .20 Cal 5mm Blue Streak Multi Pump Air Rifle – NICE!! Beautiful 1953-55 Sheridan Blue Streak air gun rifle, scope, mounts, pellets.

What kind of rifle is the Sheridan Blue Streak?

For 50 years, the stately Sheridan Blue Streak has offered a consistent design. It is a venerable .20-caliber rifle with a raised scope so that the scope does not interfere with the shot and operating the gun. The rifle is a pump-action single-shot rifle. It is a light and portable air rifle that is versatile and easy to operate.

What does Silver Streak mean on a Sheridan Mfg?

Sheridan Original C Series mfg. from 1949 to 1976 till Benjamin bought out Sheridan (Their competitor) Silver streak designates that chromed look nickel finish while blue streaks were black. That model still continued till 1992 when Crosman bought out Benjamin.

Which is the best pellet for Sheridan Blue Streak?

Beeman Kodiaks are definitely one of the best pellet choices for the Sheridan Blue Streak. High: 657 fps; low: 648 fps; average: 652; spread: 9 fps.

What kind of pellet gun is a Crosman?

Vintage Crosman 118 Bulk Fill Pellet Gun Air Rifle. Vintage Sheridan Blue Streak .20 Cal Pump Air Rifle w/ Williams Sight – NICE!

Are there any Sheridan 22 caliber rifles for sale?

Model A – The Sheridan Model A for sale is actually the only .22 caliber rifle that the company ever made and is also called the Supergrade. This is a multi-pump pneumatic gun that was made for only five years. Model B – The Sheridan Model B was manufactured as a budget-friendly gun and is also known as the Sporter.

What kind of pellet rifle is Sheridan Silver?

The Model C Silver and Blue Streaks are the pellet rifles that Sheridan is primarily known for, since the Model A’s and B’s are relatively scarce. Sheridan manufactured the Model C Streaks for 27 years before being bought out by the Benjamin Air Rifle company and ending the original run of Sheridan produce Streaks.

Sheridan ” Blue Streak ” 5 m/m cal. Pellet rifle. Benjamin Sheridan Vaporizer Air Rifle Nitro Piston Elite .22 Pellet w-3-9×40 5 product ratings – Benjamin Sheridan Vaporizer Air Rifle Nitro Piston Elite .22 Pellet w-3-9×40 …

When did the Sheridan rifle company become a competitor?

Sheridan Products Inc was acquired by its competitor, the Benjamin Air Rifle Company in 1977, thus ending the original line of Sheridan Model C’s in 1976.* (Benjamin Air Rifle Company continued producing Model C’s until 1992 when the company was purchased by competitor Crosman Corporation.

What’s the ballistic coefficient of a Sheridan Diablo?

SHERIDAN PRODUCTS INC. RACINE, WIS. MADE IN U.S.A. Also, I would like any advice as far as shooting the old style pellets which the AGD #1, lists as having a ballistic coefficient of 0.0488 as opposed to a 22 caliber Diablo at 0.0185.