When did the Colt Cobra come out?

When did the Colt Cobra come out?

38 Colt New Police, . 32 Colt New Police, and . 22 LR. It holds six shots of ammunition and was sold by Colt from 1950 until 1981….

Colt Cobra
Produced 1950 – 1981 2017 – present
Variants Colt Aircrewman, Colt Courier, Colt Agent, Colt Viper
Mass 15 oz (430 g) (pre-1981) 25 oz (710 g) (post 2017)

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What was the caliber of the Colt Cobra?

The Cobra was produced in calibers .38 Special, 32 Colt New Police, and .22 LR. The .38 Special Cobra was available in 2, 3 and 4-inch barrel lengths. The .32 caliber version was availble in 2- and 3-inch barrel lengths. The .22 LR Cobra was available only with the 3-inch barrel.

When did Colt Cobra ejector rod come out?

The original Agents had a smaller grip frame from the Cobra which made for a deeper concealment and the grip frame was later changed to match the Cobra in the late 60s. A slightly revised version of the Agent was released in 1973 with a shrouded ejector rod, with a weight of 16 ounces.

What was the serial number of Jack Ruby’s Colt Cobra?

I have seen many examples at gun shows that appear to have thousands of tiny scratch marks from being wiped with the wrong kind of cloth. It was an earlier version of the Colt Cobra that Jack Ruby used to kill Lee Harvey Oswald. The serial number of Ruby’s Colt was 2744LW (note the LW stands for Light-Weight).

What is the serial number of a Colt 38?

New Line .38 Pocket New Line .41 Pocket New Police .38, .41 & .32 Open Top Pocket Revolver .22 Pocket or Baby Paterson Colt Conversions top Model 1851 Navy Conversion Model 1861 Navy Conversion Model 1862 Police & Pocket Navy Conversion Richards – Mason Conversion M1860 Army Richards Conversion M1860 Army Thuer Conversion