When did the DWM make the 1921 Luger?

When did the DWM make the 1921 Luger?

Your 1921 dated luger was made in 1921 by DWM. The exposed numbers on all parts is more an Army preference. However, some police Lugers display numbers on exposed parts. The sear safety was added by Prussian Police orders dated 1933.

What was the serial number of a 1940 Mauser Luger?

David, No letter indicates that yours was in the first production run of that year. According to Jan Still’s “Third Reich Lugers” the 42 code 1940 Nazi military Mauser lugers ran from 7700z to 7000n. So there is a block of 10,000 pistols without a letter suffix.

What’s the serial number on an imperial Luger?

Complete serial number tables can be found in Jan Still’s “Imperial Lugers” and “Third Reich Lugers”, respectively. Commercial serial numbering began with 1 in 1901, and continued to the 92,000 range in 1921.

How are lugers numbered in World War 1?

Imperial Military Lugers of WWI were numbered from 1 at the beginning of each year. At every 10,000 guns the number series was started over again at 1, with a letter suffix added, progressing through the alphabet until the next year. This practice was followed by both DWM and Erfurt.

Where did the DWM 9mm lugers come from?

In summary, the above documents indicate that the 9mm Lugers dated 1920 and 1921 were of new manufacture by DWM (not reworks of Imperial Lugers). The military proofs found on them originated from the Reichswehr/Government and should not be attributed to Simson or Erfurt.

What was the only Luger Manufacturing Company in Germany?

During 1920 and 1921 DWM was the only company manufacturing Lugers in Germany. Erfurt was a large government arms plant shut down by the Allied Control Commission.

Where can I find a Luger identification guide?

This is one of a series of identification guides for small arms. The 1920 dated and double dated rework Lugers (DWM and Erfurt) are in the “Lugers – DWM Commercial 1898-1929” Gallery.

What kind of gun is Luger P08 DWM 1920?

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