When did they start selling Tiffany belt buckles?

When did they start selling Tiffany belt buckles?

Brass belt buckles marked “Tiffany” first began appearing at antique shows, auctions and outdoor markets in the early to mid-1960s. Despite warnings from experts that such buckles were never seen before 1965 and did not appear in any reference books, buyers began paying up to $400 and more to own them.

Where can I find vintage belt buckles for sale?

While it’s possible to find any and every style of vintage belt buckles for sale on eBay, there are some recurring themes that are most frequently found. Cowboy western – This may be the number one most common theme found in belt buckles for sale. Ornamental belt buckles and cowboys go hand in hand, both in current media depictions and in history.

Who is the author of the fake belt buckles?

The book used to “document” the fake buckles was titled Tiffany & Gaylord Express & Exhibition Belt Plates (TGEEBP) with Percy Seibert listed as author.

How big is a Colt gun belt buckle?

Colt Firearms Horse Rampant on Globe Belt Buckle. This is a gold (possibly brass) belt buckle. It has a sort of thin rope design around the edges and a rampant horse standing on a globe, with Colt Firearms across the top. The buckle is 3″ x 2 1/2″.

When did the belt buckles of the Old West come out?

The question of age seemed to be resolved. But that was only the beginning. In 1973, J. Duncan Campbell, an expert in metal insignias who was an advisor to the Smithsonian, published New Belt Buckles of the Old West, a book exposing the Tiffany buckles as frauds.

Are there any authentic 19th century belt buckles?

Campbell pointed out that with the exception of a few isolated buckles used by the Confederate Army, no more than one percent of all American 19th century buckles have any markings on the reverse side. There are at least 84 confirmed different types of faked buckles, but there could easily be more.