When was the Winchester Model 1892 rifle made?

When was the Winchester Model 1892 rifle made?

This Winchester Model 1892 was made in 1901. At some time the barrel was replaced with a Winchester factory barrel but not at the factory. The new barrel is marked 92 and has a circle P proof mark as …Click for more info

How is the condition of a Winchester 1892?

The bluing is around 90-95% with some thinning on the bottom of the re …Click for more info This is a very nice and high condition Winchester model 1892 made in 1896. This Antique rifle is in very strong condition with only minor field wear. This fine rifle locks up tight and has a new looki …Click for more info

How many Winchester 1892 rifles are chambered in 25-20wcf?

Of the 12,952 Model 1892 rifles for which I have caliber information 3,897 are chambered in 25-20WCF which calculates to being 30.2% of the total production. This is obviously a long, long, long way from the 4% number you had read from some place. Now things start to get a bit messy.

What kind of Winchester rifle was made in 1898?

HIGH CONDITION, ANTIQUE, SPECIAL ORDER 1892 HALF OCTAGON/FULL MAGAZINE RIFLE IN .32-20 CALIBER, #100XXX, MADE 1898. The half octagon barrel with full magazine is actually two special order features be …Click for more info

What was the Model 92 Winchester carbine made for?

The Model ‘92 Carbine is, unquestionably Winchester’s peak accomplishment in craftsmanship and design. The guns fame, however, comes from the perpetuation of its cultural depiction as the quintessential gun-of-the-west. The Winchester Rifle 1892 Carbine is a design improvement on the models 1866, 1873, and 1886 Carbines.

Who was the inventor of the 1892 carbine?

John Browning invented the 1892 Carbine on contract with Winchester to compete with the Marlin Repeater Rifle. The prototype was completed within 2-weeks of the initiation of the contract with Winchester. Winchester produced over a million original 1892 repeaters, ending production in 1941.