Will a 270 WSM fit a 270?

Will a 270 WSM fit a 270?

In most rifles you can fit 5 270 Win rounds in the mag, while only 3 270 WSM… RE: . 270 Win & .

What is the best bullet for a 270 WSM?

My 270 wsm likes to shoot Winchester Super X, that ammo for me grouped the best. Go buy 2 or 3 boxes of ammo and try them for yourself. I think you are better off with one of the so called “premium” bullets like the TSX, Partition, AccuBond, etc., because of the fairly high velocity the 270 WSM has.

What is the difference between 270 and 270 WSM?

270 WSM is about 150-200 fps more than you get with the standard cartridge. The velocity increase comes via a powder capacity that is 5 to 6 grains greater. In the older cartridge, you can reach 2,950 fps with a 150-grain bullet, which I consider the most useful weight, while in the . 270 WSM you can reach 3,050.

Is the 270 WSM a good rifle?

270 Winchester and WSM are both good, flat-shooting hunting cartridges, neither make a sound choice for today’s long-range shooting. 270 WSM variant appeals to you, but I feel that for bullets up to 150 fps, the good old . 270 Win. gives all the velocity any rifleman would need, within sane hunting ranges.

How accurate is a 270 WSM?

The . 270 WSM is a very accurate round, has a thick tough casing, modern Ackley type 35 degree shoulder, 130 and 140 grainer’s fly like a Lazer beam. My 140 gr load drops 33 inches at 500 Yards with, a 200 yd zero and is producing 1.25 inch, 200 yard groups for me. The Tikka replaces, 2 heavier rifles, a Custom .

What is the effective range of a 270 WSM?

270 WSM is capable of delivering high shock for impressively fast killing out to ranges of around 300 yards along with clean but sometimes slightly delayed killing out to 400 yards.

How far can you shoot a 270 WSM?

What are the specs of a Remington 770 270?

Remington 770 270 Specs 1 Caliber: .270 Winchester 2 Action: Bolt-Action 3 Length: 42.5″ 4 Barrel Length: 22″ 5 Weight: 8.6 lbs 6 Stock: Synthetic 7 Sights: 3-9 X 40 Scope 8 Capacity: 4 + 1 Rounds, Mag-Fed 9 Finish: Black 10 MSRP: $300 More …

What kind of bullets does a 270 Winchester use?

Unlike all the other popular 7mm cartridges like the 7mm Mauser, 7mm-08, 7mm Remington Magnum and the . 280 Remington that use .284″ bullets, the .270 Winchester uses .277″ bullets. It’s unclear exactly why Winchester decided to go with .277″ instead of .284″ bullets with the .270 Winchester.

Which is the best 270 caliber hunting rifle?

My favorite .270 rifles today are a Model 70 Featherweight built by Winchester in 1959 and a Remington Model 700 American Wilderness Rifle with a 24-inch barrel. The Model 70 is my bluebird weather rifle, and the Model 700 is for rainy-day hunts.

What’s the difference between a 270 and 270 WSM?

This new .270 cartridge was the third commercial .270 ever produced, and the first one in 60 years. The 270 WSM is an improvement over the older 270 Winchester providing higher velocity with bullets of the same weight, and thus a flatter trajectory and more energy.