Are there still Montgomery Ward Western field guns?

Are there still Montgomery Ward Western field guns?

Montgomery Ward ‘Western Field’: Bargain buys of yore still good today. Like the JC Higgins and Glendfields from the other major catalog companies, the Montgomery Wards’ “Western Fields” brand was stamped on guns made by some of the biggest names in the U.S. firearm industry – Savage, Mossberg and Marlin to *name a few.

Where can I buy western field gun parts?

Shop Westernfield Gun Parts. A well-known trade or brand name that was sold by Montgomery Ward (a popular retail store). These firearms were marked “Western Field”, but were manufactured by Marlin, Mossberg, and Savage.

When did the Western Field shotgun come out?

Western Fields Model 30/31 (or Savage Stevens 520/620) The Model 30 and 31 were actually the Savage Stevens 520/620 pump action shotgun was designed by John M. Browning. They were first introduced in 1904 and were sold with the Stevens name and also rebranded for the major catalog retailers like Montgomery Ward’s Western Field line.

When was the Mossberg 42.22 western field made?

Western Fields Model 45 (or Mossberg 42) The Mossberg 42 .22 bolt-action rifle was made from 1937 to 1950 in a few different variances – for this article it was referred to as the Western Fields …

Who is the manufacturer of the Ranger Gun?

Ranger was a popular trade or brand name that was sold by Sears Roebuck and produced by J. Stevens Arms Company, now better known as Savage.

Is the Montgomery Ward 520 the same as the 620?

The exterior of the 520 was redesigned to have a more “modern” look and was designated the 620. They are the same internally. There were also around 35,000 of these made for the U.S. military during WWII in the trench gun style. There is one big thing that sets the 520 apart from most other pump shotguns.

What kind of magazine does a Montgomery Ward Mossberg have?

The ones sold buy Montgomery Ward’s were dressed down from the standard Mossberg’s – most were fitted with a birch stock instead of walnut. However, the other parts are the same. The Mossberg is a great little .22 bolt action. They have a seven or eight shot box magazine and there are different ones for .22 short, long and long rifle.