Does Eri confess to Harima?

Does Eri confess to Harima?

Tae is the first rival that Eri encounters for Harima’s affection. When Harima confesses to Eri, Tae arrives to bring him home, causing Eri to misunderstand their relationship. During the Sports Festival Arc, Tae clarifies her relationship and gives Eri encouragement to pursue her interest in Harima.

Should I watch School Rumble?

School Rumble is a romantic comedy that you should watch if you don’t want to pay attention to any plot details or you just in it for a good laugh. If you can look past how good the comedy is in this show you will realize how strong the character cast is.

What kind of anime is School Rumble?

Romantic comedy Manga
School Rumble

School Rumble
Cover of the 13th English School Rumble volume featuring Kenji Harima and Tenma Tsukamoto.
スクールランブル (Sukūru Ranburu)
Genre Romantic comedy

How did Yakumo fall in love with Harima?

Yakumo has never been on dates with Harima, but does present feelings for him throughout the later episodes of the anime and within the manga also. Yakumo fell in love with Harima after spending more time with him (helping him with his manga).

What kind of relationship does Yakumo have with Tenma?

Yakumo has a very close relationship with Tenma and is very protective. One example would be Episode 8 when Tenma is attempting to cook a curry dish for Ooji Karasuma.

Who is the older sister of Yakumo Tsukamoto?

His infatuation with Yakumo’s older sister Tenma Tsukamoto, keeps Harima’s thoughts shrouded from Yakumo. These circumstances contribute to the development of a somewhat normal relationship between Harima and Yakumo (However, Yakumo does develop romantic feelings for Harima).

Where does Yakumo appear in the School Rumble manga?

Yakumo makes her debut appearance in chapter 1 of the manga (Episode 1 in the anime). Her picture appears on the cover of Volume 2. She is also the featured character of the second image album.