How can I determine the value of a German luger?

How can I determine the value of a German luger?

Whether purchasing or selling, knowing the value of the firearm is crucial. Determining the value of a German Luger can be done by accessing a few readily available resources. Check online. Several websites online list the names, serial numbers, production histories and approximate market values of German Luger pistols.

Where did German Luger come from in World War 1?

This is a question i can answer from personal experience, My grandfather served in WW1, and took a German Luger off of a dead German in Dunkirk.

What kind of gun did Georg Luger make?

Just before the turn of the 20th century, Georg Luger re-designed Borchardt semi-automatic pistol so that its mainspring was housed in rear of grip.

Where did the Luger pattern pistol come from?

Resulting pistol was to prove extremely successful and his name has become synonymous with the pistol despite the fact his name never appeared on it.&break;&break;These companies manufactured Luger pattern pistols at various times.&break;&break;1. DWM – Deutsch Waffen und Munitions – Karlsruhe, Germany&break;2.

When was a WW2 German Luger made?

When it was manufactured: This partially varies based on the buyer, but the two most common areas of value is a Luger manufactured during WWI (1914–1918) or manufactured during WWII (1939–1943, where production stopped to focus on P38 and K98 production). Having a matching serial numbers across the parts also adds to its value.

What kind of gun is a Swiss luger?

Beautiful pre-war Swiss Luger with matching Swiss holster dated 1932, number matching pistol. Excellent original condition pistol. Magazine appears to be original to gun.Original Orange/Red colored Ba …Click for more info This is a 1936 made Kriehgoff luger.

What kind of gun is a Luger 9mm?

this is a 1921 vickers ltd, england (dutch contract) german luger, 9mm. THE LUGER IS IN VERY GOOD CONDTION. ALL ORIGINAL, NUMBER MATCHING, VERY GOOD BORE AND GRIPS, MECHANICALLY CORRECT.