How do I open my sentry safe if I forgot the code?

How do I open my sentry safe if I forgot the code?

How to Recover the Code to a Sentry Safe

  1. Go to the “Sentry Recover Your Combination” website (
  2. Enter your username and password in the “Find a Registered Combination Online” section fields.
  3. Click the “Recover Combination” button to retrieve your combination.

Do Sentry safes have a lifetime warranty?

Q: Does Sentry®Safe offer a Lifetime Warranty? A: Yes. Sentry®Safe offers a Lifetime Warranty for After-Fire Replacement.

How can I get the combination to my sentry safe?

You must call (800) 828-1438 for combination retreivals….The notarized letter needs to include:

  1. Your name, address and phone number.
  2. The model number and serial number from your safe.
  3. Please indicate how you would like to receive your combination.
  4. Special Circumstances.

Is there a default code for Sentry Safe?

All brand new Sentry combination safes can be opened with the standard 1,7,5,0,0 factory code.

Can a locksmith open a Sentry safe?

Locksmith are safe specialist in opening all major safes and especially we can Open Sentry Safes with keypad, combination lock or electronic lock. Sentry Safes is the largest manufacturer of Safes in North America. Locksmith also can open, service or repair most safes.

How long does a Sentry safe lock you out?

The lock allows 5 seconds for each key press. If you pause longer, an error signal will occur (blinking red light and three beeps), indicating you should start over. There are three possible ways to unlock and access the safe—by entering its pre- set Factory Code, your own User Code or a Passcode.

How do I recover my safe combination?

If they can’t help you, your local locksmith can. If the safe is a dial, and you were able to find the serial number, the locksmith will most likely will be able to retrieve the original combination to the safe. So long as the safe combination has never been changed, this will open the safe.

How do you reset your digital safe if you forgot the code?

If you’ve forgotten your passcode, you can reset it by using a thin rod or wire to press the reset button on the inside of the door panel. If all else fails, you can try breaking open the lock or drilling through the override key slot.

Can you open a Sentry safe with a magnet?

With the help of rare earth magnets, opening a safe can take just seconds. At least that is what Terry Whin-Yates of Mr. He showed that, using a rare earth magnet, one can exploit the nickel piece in this Sentry Electronic Safe to get it open without any damage.

Where is the reset button on a digital safe?

Press the reset button on the inner keypad of the safe. It should be a small, black button with the word “Reset” next to it. Push the button with the end of the hanger. You may hear a beeping sound or the control panel may light up when you press the reset button.

Why is my safe not opening?

There are a handful of reasons your safe won’t open. As outlined above, it could be due to dead batteries, lockout mode or time delay, jammed bolt work, disconnected or damaged wiring, and deactivated code. If the safe isn’t still opening, you can call a locksmith for assistance.

Where can I Find my SentrySafe model number?

SentrySafe is committed to providing you the support you need. To find your model or serial number, identify your safe type from the options below. Bottom of unit. Lost Your Key or Combination?

How can I get my Sentry Safe to open?

Look for the combination on the safe’s manual. Check the back of the owner’s manual for a small card that has your safe’s information printed on it. Find the 5-digit number that’s labeled as the “Factory Code” so you know the combination to unlock your safe.

What do you need to know about SentrySafe safes?

SentrySafe makes fire-resistant and secure containers that you can use to store items that you don’t want lost or stolen. While there are many different models of safes, they all use either an electronic keypad or combination lock to open them.

What happens if you enter the wrong passcode on a Sentry Safe?

If you enter the incorrect passcode too many times, then the safe may time out and not allow you to unlock it for a set amount of time. If the keypad or light doesn’t work when you’re entering your code, then you may need to replace the batteries in the side of the keypad.