How much is a Type 99?

How much is a Type 99?


PRICE: $495.00 MANUFACTURER: Japanese
SOLD: 2 weeks ago UPC:
LOCATION: River Falls, WI SKU: Type 99
CALIBER: 7.7 mm Arisaka MANF. PART #:

How many gun deaths has Japan had?

Gun Deaths By Country 2021

Country Firearm-related death rate per 100,000 population per year Total death number per year
Romania 0.14 27
South Korea 0.08 41
Azerbaijan 0.07 7
Japan 0.06 76

What kind of rifle is the Arisaka Type 99?

This 7.7x58mm Japanese Arisaka Type 99 bolt action rifle was made by the Tokyo Juki Kogyo arsenal and is a series 37 line up. It has a blued 26” blued tapered round barrel mounted with an elevat …Click for more info

What’s the serial number on a Japanese Arisaka?

this japanese arisaka is a type 99 that has had the stock sporterized. it is chambered or the 7.7 x 58 mm cartridge and is serial# 54032 with a non matching plum shaped bolt # 324 with an early …click for more info

When did the Japanese make the Type 99 rifle?

Following their experience in China, the Japanese military developed a 7.7mm round more powerful than the 6.5mm used in the Type 38 and designed the Type 99 around the new round. When the rifle first went into production in 1939 a “short” and “long” rifle were both produced, about 3/4” and a hand guard made the difference.

How much is the original Arisaka sling worth?

It’s the big kicker in determining value. P.S. The original sling is worth $100. by itself. Condition looks VG and original with all screws still staked. Whatever you do, DO NOT clean or attempt to disassemble. You will hurt value. Also, you can not “De-Cock” an Arisaka as you would a Mauser type action.