How much powder do you put in a 44 black powder revolver?

How much powder do you put in a 44 black powder revolver?

. 44 caliber revolvers can generally hold a maximum of about 30 grains of powder. However, optimal accuracy will probably happen around 18 grains of 3F powder using round balls. When loading, you want to look for a shaved ring of lead being shaved off the ball when it is driven into the chamber.

How much black powder is in a pistol?

Best accuracy is generally below the maximum load. Usually Somewhere between 20 and 40 grains of black powder or a substitute.

How much does 20 grain black powder weigh?

According to the chart, the equivalent of 20 – 25 grains of black powder is 13.7 – 17.1 grains by weight of Pyrodex RS.

How many grains of black powder do I need for a 36 caliber pistol?

Get a black powder measure that goes from zero to 30 grains. A . 36 cal will shoot well with a charge of about 18 to 22 grains.

How long can I leave my black powder revolver loaded?

A black powder firearm can stay loaded nearly indefinitely if it is loaded properly and not exposed to excessive moisture or water contact.

Can you use FFG powder in revolver?

Member. ffg is just a coarser and therefore slower burning grade – those two substitutes are constructed to mimick the burning rate of ffg black powder. You can safely use them in your 1860. You just won’t get as much velocity and it will most likely burn a bit dirtier.

How long can a black powder revolver stay loaded?

BP is a simple mixture, not a compound. It doesn’t break down and many people have found that guns loaded well over 100 years will still fire. The Cap is what will go bad. If you protect the powder from oil or being inundated with water it will be good for centuries.

Can you overload a cap and ball revolver?

Cap and ball revolvers seem almost primitive compared to a modern weapon like a Ruger GP100, but they’re very strong and can stand up to abuse, provided it’s not overloaded. As with any black powder weapon, it must be vigorously cleaned after every shooting to prevent the buildup of corrosive salts in the bore.

How much does 100 grain black powder weigh?

With a powder measure set at 100 grains, the charge of black powder will actually weigh around 100 grains, while the same volume of Triple Seven will weigh about 78 grains. And 100 grains volume of Pyrodex will have yet a different weight, as will Blackhorn 209, and Alliant Black MZ.

What is the difference between Pyrodex and black powder?

Pyrodex is less sensitive to ignition than black powder, and uses the same shipping and storage guidelines as smokeless powder. Pyrodex is more energetic per unit of mass than black powder, but it is less dense, and can be substituted at a 1:1 ratio by volume for black powder in many applications.

Can you leave a cap and ball revolver loaded?

In ideal conditions and when loaded properly, a cap and ball revolver can be reliably kept nearly indefinitely, for all practical purposes.

Which is more corrosive black powder or Pyrodex?

They found Pyrodex to be no more corrosive than black powder. Cleaning of Pyrodex residue is the same as black powder. No petro solvents, only water based or polar solvents.

How many grains of powder are in a Colt 44?

There was a surprising disparity in bullet weights and powder charges in paper combustible cartridges for the Colts, according to the article. Conical bullets for the Colt M1860 Army .44-caliber revolver ranged from 207 grs. to 260 grs. Powder charges ranged from 17 to 36 grains of black powder.

What was the powder charge for A.44 caliber revolver?

According to the 1861 Ordnance Manual, powder charge for an “Army” (.44 caliber) revolver should be 30 grains and bullet weight should be 216 grains. If you’re really interested in this, buy or borrow a copy of the book Round Ball to Rimfire (volume 3).

How much powder do you put in A.36 revolver?

Do not pour powder from a large powder flask or can. The exact amount of powder will vary depending on the type of gun. For a .36, use 12 grains of powder. Never exceed 20 grains. For a .44, use 20 to 28 grains of powder. Never exceed 35 to 40 grains. Place the ball over a chamber opening.

How much black powder do you use in a cap and ball.44?

Anywhere from 30 to 40 grains of 2f. It mostly depends on the manufacture of the revolver. The 1st metallic cartridge revolvers used black powder which replicated the loading of the older cap and ball revolvers. Hence the .44-40 (Remington.)and the .45-40 (long colt) and .45–30 (Schofield)