Is it safe to shoot Damascus barrel?

Is it safe to shoot Damascus barrel?

So, if you own a vintage side-by-side with Damascus or twist barrels, get it checked out by a qualified gunsmith. Many of these guns are high quality firearms capable of producing results with proper ammunition. In a good-condition firearm, low-pressure and low-compression loads are perfectly safe to shoot.

Can you shoot a shotgun with Damascus barrel?

Some authorities consider the best Damascus barrels, properly proofed, to be capable of handling light smokeless powder loads. With these considerations in mind, the owner of even a “best quality” shotgun with Damascus barrels should avoid firing the gun with any smokeless powder loads.

How many years will ammo last?

It’s just smart policy. Fact is, all modern ammo will last more than 10 years if it’s been stored reasonably well.

Are there any L C Smith double barrel shotguns in good condition?

Older usable L.C. Smith double barrel 16 Gauge field grade shotgun in good condition with one exception; the Legendary L.C. Smith crack in stock that could and should be repaired. True to the 16 Gauge …Click for more info

Who are the inventors of the L C Smith Shotgun?

Descriptions combine information from the catalogs and from William Brophy (L.C. Smith Shotguns, 1977), John Houchins (L.C. Smith: The Legend Lives, 2006), and James Stubbendieck (L.C. Smith Production Records, 2013). Appreciation is expressed to Len Applegate and Frank Finch for providing the L.C. Smith catalogs.

When was the l.c.smith Hunter Arms 12 ga made?

L.C. Smith Hunter Arms 12 GA In 1913, The Hunter Arms Company redesigned all of the grades of L.C. Smith shotguns. One of their catalogs from that year said that the old grades would be manu …Click for more info

What kind of shotgun is LC Smith 20 gauge?

“LC Smith Ideal Grade 20 Gauge shotgun. Popular .20 Gauge side by side Ideal grade. Has 28” full/modified barrel, double triggers and extractors. The barrels have about 85% thinning blue mix …Click for more info Metal surfaces rate very good plus, fading original case coloring to receiver.