What caliber is a 1917 Remington rifle?

What caliber is a 1917 Remington rifle?

Caliber 30
The M1917 Enfield, the “American Enfield”, formally named “United States Rifle, cal ….M1917 Enfield.

US Rifle, Model of 1917, Caliber 30
Variants Remington Model 30
Mass 9.187 lb (4.167 kg) (empty)
Length 46.3 in (1,180 mm)

How much is a 1917 rifle worth?

A REMINGTON 1917 rifle is currently worth an average price of $1,017.73 used . The 12 month average price is $1,017.73 used. The used value of a REMINGTON 1917 rifle has risen $255.16 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $1,017.73 .

What guns were used in 1917?


  • 1 Handguns. 1.1 Webley MK VI.
  • 2 Rifles. 2.1 Lee-Enfield No.1 Mk.III. 2.2 Mauser Gewehr 1898.
  • 3 Machine Guns. 3.1 Lewis Gun. 3.2 Maxim LMG 08/15.
  • 4 Hand Grenades. 4.1 Mills Bomb.
  • 5 Other. 5.1 Webley & Scott No. 1 Mk. III* 5.2 Mark II Tank. 5.3 Unknown Howitzer. 5.4 15 cm Kanone 16.

What caliber is a Remington 03 a3?

M1903 Springfield
Length 43.2 in (1,100 mm)
Barrel length 24 in (610 mm)
Cartridge .30-03 .30-06 Springfield
Action Bolt action

Who made 1917 rifles?

The M1917 Enfield, “P17 Enfield”, “American Enfield”, formally named “United States Rifle, cal . 30, Model of 1917” was an American modification and production of the British . 303 caliber P14 rifle developed and manufactured during the period 1917-1918.

What caliber rifle was used in ww1?

The bolt-action Springfield 1903 . 30-06 saw service as the standard-issue rifle from the first World War until it was replaced by the M1 Garand in 1936.

What kind of rifle was the Model 1917?

Later designated the Rifle No. 3, over 4 million P-14s were produced in .30-Ô06 caliber as the U.S. Model 1917 Magazine Rifle for use by American troops “Over There.”

Where was the first Remington bolt action rifle made?

U.S. Remington Model 1917 Bolt Action Rifle This first day of production Remington bolt action rifle bears serial number 137. The British government armory at Enfield Lock, Middlesex, was founded in 1804 to assemble Brown Bess muskets for use by the country’s military forces.

Where did Remington make the M1917 Enfield rifle?

A third manufacturer, Eddystone Arsenal – a subsidiary of Remington – was tooled up at the Baldwin Locomotive Works in Eddystone, Pennsylvania. Thus, three variations of the P14 and M1917 exist, labeled “Winchester,” “Remington” or “Eddystone”. When the U.S. entered the war, it had a similar need for rifles.

What kind of rifle was made by Remington?

In addition to the M1911 semi-automatic pistol, the Browning Model 1917 heavy machine gun, and the Model 1917 bolt-action rifle, Remington also manufactured the Pedersen device. This was an early attempt to increase the firepower of individual infantry troops armed with the Springfield Model 1903 rifle.