What company makes pointer shotguns?

What company makes pointer shotguns?

Pointer semi-auto shotguns are made by Armsan in Turkey. Legacy Sports International recently announced the debut of its newest semi-automatic shotgun platform, the Pointer Phenoma. Moreover, the Pointer Phenoma line includes several different models in both 12, 20 and 28 gauge, along with . 410 bore.

What is a pointer shotgun?

Pointer shotguns offer several options in shotguns from game-specific hunting application to sport and competition. Built tough and reliable, you can find the model and design that best fits your needs.

What brand of shotguns are the best?

Best Shotguns: The 9 Greatest Shotguns Made Today

  • Benelli Super Black Eagle II.
  • Beretta DT 11.
  • Beretta A400 Xplor Unico.
  • Ithaca Gun Company Model 37.
  • Perazzi MX8.
  • Blaser F3.
  • Remington 870.
  • Browning BPS. John Browning’s ingenious mind designed numerous shotguns, and one became the BPS.

Is pointer a good shotgun?

Reliability was rock-solid, and the author shot the smoothbore better than any other shotgun he’d ever tested. He found it to be light-recoiling, and it pointed as a natural extension of his hand-eye coordination. The Pointer Phenoma is a looker for sure … and that bluing!

Who makes Armsan shotguns?

The A612 is an entry level semi-automatic shotgun made by Turkish makers Armsan. It comes in a variety of stocks but we are testing the black synthetic stock with a 2 plus 1 magazine. The gun comes in a cardboard box supplied with a couple of sock-style slips, three chokes at full, half and 1/4 with a key.

Is pointer a good gun brand?

Who makes pointer Acrius?

Legacy Sports International
The new Acrius series of affordable and reliable over/under shotguns has arrived from Legacy Sports International and Pointer Shotguns. They’re available in . 410 and 28-, 20- and 12-gauge models, and youth models in .

Who are the importers of pointer shotguns?

Legacy Sports International imports and distributes firearms and shooting accessories in the U.S. In addition to the Pointer shotguns, their brands include Citadel pistols and tactical shotguns, Howa Precision Rifles, Lithgow Rifles and Nikko Stirling optics.

How much does a Turkish made pointer shotgun cost?

I saw these Turkish made O/U shotguns at local chain stores @$550 or so. It’s based on the Browning principle, laser engraved, nice wood, SST and 5 chokes. 7.5 lb with 28″ 12 ga barrels. It looked like very well made for it’s price.

What kind of shotgun is pointer semi auto?

Pointer Deluxe Semi-Auto Shotgun- Pointer’s Semi-Auto Deluxe shotgun features a gas-operated cycling system, chrome-moly lined barrel.

Where can I buy a legacy pointer shotgun?

Hopefully this review will help anyone looking to purchase a Legacy Pointer shotgun. In October of 2017, I bought a Legacy Pointer 1000 12ga from a Sportsman’s Warehouse in Colorado Springs.