What is a Colt 1908 worth?

What is a Colt 1908 worth?

What is a COLT 1908 POCKET pistol Worth? A COLT 1908 POCKET pistol is currently worth an average price of $727.09 used . The 12 month average price is $667.81 used. The demand of new COLT 1908 POCKET pistol’s has risen 1 units over the past 12 months.

What’s the cheapest 380 on the market?

9 Affordable Pocket . 380 Pistols

  1. Ruger LCP II: Price $349.
  2. Kahr CW380: Price: $419.
  3. Glock G42: Price $480.
  4. Taurus 738: Price $355.66.
  5. SIG Sauer P238 Nitron: Price $651.
  6. Beretta Pico: Price $399.
  7. Remington RM380: Price $436.
  8. Colt Mustang Lite/Pocketlite: Price $499.

What is the best pocket pistol to buy?

Pocket Carry Handguns: 5 of The Best on the Market Today

  1. Smith and Wesson . 380 Bodyguard. Lindi Smith.
  2. Glock 42. YouTube: Iraqveteran8888.
  3. Smith and Wesson BodyGuard 38 Revolver. Sportsman’s Warehouse.
  4. Sig Sauer P238. Wikimedia Commons: DGAW.

How much does a 1908 Colt pistol cost?

Excellent condition 1908 Colt .25 ACP. With 2″ barrel. $30.00 Shipping We Accept Visa, Mastercard, Checks, and Money Orders (With personal checks gun will be held until …Click for more info This .380 Colt is 99% MINT, original and as nice as you will find.

What kind of gun was the Colt Vest Pocket?

The Colt vest pocket was an extremely popular carry gun and would still make an excellent choice for ex …Click for more info .25 acp, factory nickel finish and pear grips. retaining 97-98% nickel. The factory records indicate the pistol was shipped with “nickel finish and pearl grips” Shipped to: …Click for more info

When did the Colt Pocket Hammerless pistols come out?

“.380 caliber pocket hammerless model made in 1928. Has 96% factory nickel plating with just a bit of flaking on the slide and light wear. The bore is good with light etching throughout. Has good …Click for more info

When was the colt 1908 safe Queen made?

Colt 1908 Safe Queen, Brand New Old Stock, Manufactured in 1940 and Never Been Shot, No Blemishes, No Dust Scratches, No Pitting, No Rust, This Perfect Colt is a Remarkable Find Period. This Colt Muse …Click for more info Colt Model 1908 In 380 A.C.P.