What is a singer 1911 worth?

What is a singer 1911 worth?

In December 2017, a Singer 1911 sold at auction for an eye-popping $414,000, one of the highest prices ever paid at auction for a handgun.

How many singer 1911s are accounted for?

Here’s one last gem from the upcoming December sale at Rock Island Auction on December 1–3, 2017. The most prized of all collectible 1911 pistols are those made by Singer Manufacturing—the sewing machine people—during World War II. Only 500 were made, identifiable by their rich bluing and the “S.

What happened to Remington Rand?

Remington Rand was acquired by Sperry Corporation in 1955 to form a company then known as Sperry Rand (later shortened to Sperry). However the brand name of “Remington Rand” remained as a subdivision for many years. Sperry merged in 1986 with Burroughs to form Unisys.

Who made 1911 for the military?

John Browning
The Colt 45 was invented by gun designer John Browning and made by the Colt firearm company and is one of the most famous military handguns of all time. The M-1911 had its official birthday on 1911 when the government was looking for a reliable man-stopper to replace the wimpy 38 caliber pistols that were in service.

Where was the singer.45 caliber automatic pistol made?

In 1925 The Army Ordnance department requested from Singer an engineering study concerning the feasibility of mass production of M1911 pistols. This study was conducted at the Singer Elizabethport facility.

What’s the serial number on a singer 1911A1?

Without a doubt this is certainly an all original “One of A Kind”, Serial Number “1” Model 1911A1 that was manufactured by the Singer Mfg. Co. that would certainly be the center piece of any US WWII, Martial collection, or Model 1911A1 pistol collection. Whomever is fortunate enough to own this will have the “number one” (45) collection all in one!

When was the Colt 45 ACP semi auto made?

Presented for you today is a fully-restored Colt Model 1911 U.S. Army in .45 ACP. Carrying serial number 65922, this iconic American service pistol in high polish charcoal blue finish is dated from 19 …Click for more info Colt 1911 U.S. Army .45ACP Semi-Auto Pistol at NO RESERVE!!!! Manufactured in 1917.

What’s the name of the 45 caliber pistol?

The .45 caliber pistol, also known as the M1911A1, is one of the most iconic handguns ever made.