What is a Stevens 30-30 worth?

What is a Stevens 30-30 worth?

30-30’s in the three models; Savage 340, Springfield 840 and Stevens 325; at gun shows and flea markets in the $125-$175 range. Today, it would seem that they are bringing upwards of $300 or more depending on condition.

How much is a Stevens 22 bolt-action rifle worth?

Recently Sold J STEVENS CRACKSHOT rifle

Price Item Condition
$280.00 .22 LR J. STEVENS STEVEN CRACKSHOT .22LR 22″ NOCCFEES 22 INCH ” BARREL Apopka, FL 32703 Used
$275.00 .22 CALIBER (5.5MM) CRACKSHOT J. STEVENS CRACK SHOT TAKE DOWN RIFLE .22LR 20 INCH ” BARREL Mechanicsville, VA 23116 Used

Does anyone make a bolt-action 30-30?

30-30 bolt actions are uncommon today. Other examples of bolt-action rifles offered in . 30-30 Winchester are the Stevens Model 325, the Savage Model 340, the Springfield/Savage 840, and the Remington 788.

Is there a Savage Model 325 bolt action rifle?

Part 1 – YouTube (RARE) Savage/Stevens Model 325 Bolt Action Rifle 30-30 win, History and Overview. Part 1 If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

When did the Stevens 325 Savage come out?

The model 325 was ONLY produced in the 30-30 caliber therefore the factory apparently saw no need to identify the magazine with any markings on it at that time. The companion model 322 series were made in 22 Hornet only, and again introduced in 1947, running parallel with the model 325.

Is the Stevens Model 325b 30 / 30 a good rifle?

The single, rear lug bolt isn’t the strongest action ever made but it’s perfectly adequate for the .30-30. They are usually pretty accurate little rifles though once you get the hang of their usually funky trigger pull. They’re not real pretty too look at either, BUT as a cheap bargain shooter you can’t go wrong with one.

When did the Stevens bolt action rifle come out?

A brief description of these bolt action rifles consists of, a removable magazine fed, economical rifles were first marketed under the Stevens name, being introduced in 1947 and ran under that model number (with improvements identified by suffix letters to the model) until 1949.