What is the serial number on a savage 99?

What is the serial number on a savage 99?

The gun is in .308 and has the indicator visible on the left side of the receiver that shows how hany rounds are loaded. The serial number is 1070xxx and I have had it at least 35 years years and think I only fired it about 10 times. I bought it used. It is a Model 99M.

Who was the inventor of the savage rifle?

The year was 1915 and the man was Charles Newton, a lawyer and firearm enthusiast who designed and created the .250-3000 Savage Cartridge to be used in the Savage Model 99 hammerless lever action rifle.

What was the rifling rate on the Savage 250-3000?

Originally, the rate of twist of the barrel rifling in the Savage .250-3000 rifles was one turn in 14 inches, however in later years it was reduced to one turn in 10 inches to improve accuracy with the 100 grain bullets.

When was the Savage Model 99 hammerless lever made?

So I found out my gun was made in 1949 from the serial number of 529636. In fact, my book arrived before my new old gun! The gun was shipped USPS Priority from Vermont to Alabama and it took 12 days to arrive. For a while there I was thinking it was on a slow boat from China.

What kind of wood is a savage 99 made of?

My 99 is in great shape, has a metal buttplate and wonderful wood in perfect condition with what appears to be cut checkering with 2 diamond patterns at the pistol grip section and a gold plated trigger. The gun is in .308 and has the indicator visible on the left side of the receiver that shows how hany rounds are loaded.

When did Savage start stamping the lever boss?

I posted information on the “lever boss code” in this forum on another question of the age of a Model 99… here is my previous post, I hope it helps you: In 1949, Savage began stamping a tiny, lightly impressed oval on the lower, front side of the “lever boss”.

What is the serial number on a Model 99 rifle?

On many Model 99 rifles, this “oval” is indistinct or difficult to read as are the letters and numbers inside the oval. On my own late model “EG”, serial #709XXX, made in 1953, only the upper case letter “E” and the rear half of the oval’s circumference (which looks like a large, faint, backwards letter “C”) barely show on the lever boss.

What was the last model of savage rifle?

Next is the 99C, It was only produced for 4 or 5 years and it’s model identifiers will be a serial number between 238,000 and 290,000. It will have a 22” barrel and looks something like an 1899A Saddle gun. These rifles were the last of the Savage rifles made with standard weight barrels.

When did Savage make the Model 99 musket?

In 1899, Savage offered to convert any existing Model 1895 rifle or carbine to Model 1899 configuration for a $5 fee. During World War I, the Montreal Home Guard was issued Model 99 rifles in “musket” form, which incorporated a bayonet lug and military-style stock. It is known as the Model 99D Musket.

What makes the Savage Model 99 an innovative design?

A design truly ahead of its time, the Savage Model 99 is deadly on deer, and it can command quite a bit of value on the open market. What made the Savage Model 99 an innovative design, and why is it collectable today? Like Savage’s Model 1895, which preceded it, the Savage Model 99 was a hammerless lever-action rifle.

What was the manufacture date of Savage Arms?

Dates of Manufacture* for: Savage 1895/1899/99. Buy now! Savage & Stevens Arms, Collector’s History, by Jay Kimmel. Our database contains values of serial numbers through 566,000 which ended the year 1950. Serials did not strictly run sequentially.

When did Savage Model e998 come out?

The A prefix started in Dec. 1968, E998 was 1989. Just a guess but I would say yours was made mid to late 70’s. Maybe someone will chime in that knows more. That’s great information and a good start! Thanks very much. Does anyone have information on how to narrow it down to a specific year? Any help dating would be greatly appreciated.

Where do you find the date code on a savage?

A date code is a small oval with an inspectors number and year of manufacture stamped inside of it. It is very small and sometimes lightly struck so you may need a magnifying glass to find it.

When was the.308 Savage 99E made?

AFAIK, the .308 Savage 99E was only made between 1960 & 1982, so 1977 may be correct – IDK, because IIRC only the Savage Historian (Mr. Callahan ?) has access to the factory records, since Savage will not release any SN records. . Last edited by pietro; 11-19-2017 at 06:28 PM .

Where to find the serial number of Savage and Stevens Arms?

Therefore, dates may be a year different, especially near the “boundaries”. Enter the serial number (leave out the “,” or “.”) of your Savage 1895/1899/99 in the box below: Buy now! Savage & Stevens Arms & History, by Bill West.

When did Savage Model 99 have barrel band?

The model 99H, a dead giveaway on the 99H is that the early models didn’t have the usual 99 cheek pads on the butt stocks up until around 1935. Also please note that their was no barrel band on the earlier H’s until around 1931.

What’s the difference between a savage 99r and Rs?

The 99R’s and RS’s were built two different ways, the pre-1950 models had a lighter stock set and the double groove on the end of the forearm was a tell tale sign of an early R. The model RS was basically the same as the R only it came with a select barrel and one of two forms of a tang sight.